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Lost iPhone 4G, Gray Powell, Jason Chen and Gizmodo immortalized in Hitler meme [VIDEO]

Posted by andreaitis on April 20, 2010

If there was a Webby Award for all of the Hitler meme videos out there, this one would hands-down win.  It brings together all the elements in an inspiring takeoff of the iPhone 4G takedown.

Hitler shows his frustration for the lost iPhone 4G that wound up in the hands of @Gizmodo

via Michael’s Posterous

Some quick background, for those lagging behind.

What’s with the Hitler meme?

“The Hitler Meme” or “Hitler finds out” is a video meme involving the addition of new subititles to the dramatic scene of Hitler’s final meltdown from the German movie Downfall directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. The subtitles are often anachronistically altered with humerous English subtitles surrounding current events.

via Know Your Meme

What’s with the lost iPhone 4G?

Apple software engineer Gray Powell drinks beer.  Loses never-before-seen-next-gen  iPhone 4G.   Gizmodo’s Jason Chen and Jesus Diaz acquire never-before-seen-next-gen  iPhone 4G.  Write blockbuster expose posts.  Apple asks Gizmodo to please return  now-seen-but-still-next-gen iPhone 4G.

1. How Apple lost the next iPhone

2. All the details about the device

3. And finally, how Apple asked for their phone back

via Gizmodo

What’s with the lost iPhone 4G Hitler video? Behold, while you can.   Just like the iPhone 4G, Hitler meme videos are disappearing.

Constantin Film is the German film production and distribution company behind the film Downfall (Der Untergang in German). The uploader of one of the Hilter parodies notes in the comments of his video that, “Constatin Films has filed a copyright infringement claim against this video, right before it was about to reach 500,000 views! Even though it falls under Fair Use, I suspect this video will be taken down soon. Sad face.

via Hitler Is Very Upset That Constantin Film Is Taking Down Hitler Parodies – TechCrunch

Since we found a blogger who still has the video up — watch it quickly one more time before it’s just a memory, like Gray Powell’s life before that ill-fated German beer bash.

The Webby acceptance speeches are traditionally only five words. After watching this video I think we all agree:

Gray loses iPhone.  We win.


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The end of the publishing industry as we know it [VIDEO]

Posted by andreaitis on March 16, 2010

This video is from the UK branch of Dorling Kindersley Books, a publisher that prides itself on creating “beautiful books.”  The video was used for an internal sales conference, and was such a hit that they posted it on YouTube.

Watch through to the end.  You’ll feel fine.*

[youtubevid id=”Weq_sHxghcg”]

* You’ll feel fine for at least five minutes, when we remember that emotion and nostalgia won’t change the fact that it is, really, the end of the publishing industry as we know it.   It’s also, though,  the beginning of a new publishing industry with a different shape and feel, a model that will shift and change as we navigate to we-don’t-know-what-yet, a journey we take with trepidation and excitement and anticipation, knowing that – like newspapers –  it’s the words and images that deliver.  On paper, on screen, on device.  It’s the words and images that deliver.

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And the #biggaybattle winner is…

Posted by andreaitis on January 6, 2010

This #biggaybattle between Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman has been nothing short of  legen – wait for it – dary.

It got its own name courtesy of Neil Gaiman, and  a full-fledged meme on Twitter:  #biggaybattle#voteNPH, #votebarrowman

It has celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Alyssa Milano and Kevin Smith mixing it up with the regular peoples on Twitter.

It has fan art

John Barrowman and Neil Patrick Harris in #BigGayBattle (art by Jean Kang)

John Barrowman and Neil Patrick Harris in #BigGayBattle (art by Jean Kang)

…and sparkly fan art:

John Barrowman and Neil Patrick Harris in sparkly #BigGayBattle (art by Jean Kang and sparkly friend)

John Barrowman and Neil Patrick Harris in Sparkly #BigGayBattle (art by Jean Kang and sparkly friend Alix)

…and a YouTube video:

[youtubevid id=”A5TygZjr3Lc”]

It’s endorsed by the ACLU.  The poll, not a candidate, of course. Because that would be wrong.

ACLU on the #BigGayBattle

ACLU on the #BigGayBattle

It even got a big gay Wall Street Journal story.

And to think it all started with a simple Who is (Gay) Man of the Decade poll on

So, afterelton, who gets the glittery title and tiara?  Did the USofA take down the Brits?  Did @actuallyNPH out-tweet @team_barrowman?  Did Dr. Horrible crush Doctor Who?

The answer:  YES!  Neil Patrick Harris is officially the Gay Man of the Decade.  I can hear the chanting now.  N-P-H…N-P-H…N-P-H.   Will John Barrowman request a recount?  A sing-off or a duel or a Dancing on Ice throwdown?

We can only hope.   ❤  #biggaybattle 4evah.

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Hasselhoff lookalike pitches ass spray

Posted by andreaitis on December 22, 2009

Adam Jay Aspray Geisinger and David Hasselhoff 12-22-2009 2-08-12 PMUp until now I was blissfully ignorant of Adam Jay Geisinger and his made-in-the-USA ass spray.  His video pitch caused a stink on MSNBC and was pulled after a single airing in the middle of the night this past summer.  It was also a huge sensation on YouTube, with well over half a million views.   Still, somehow I missed the David Hasselhoff lookalike and his anti-scent-sation.   My bubble burst this morning when a friend mentioned ass spray over breakfast (ew).  Turns out, she worked for Ignite Media, the company that markets Aspray.  For those sticklers out there, the correct pronunciation is actually A-Spray but let’s not kid ourselves: that’s just a semi-polite way to camouflage the ass the spray is intended for.

Ignite Media is familiar with the infomercial phenomenon.  They market the Snuggie,  Designer Snuggie,  Snuggie for Kids and  Snuggie for Dogs.   And, lest we forget, T/S’er Leor Galil recently posted about the — wait for it — Weezer Snuggie.  All this to say they know the smell of success when it wafts over them.

The story behind ass spray is very much a common man living out his American Dream.   For Adam Jay Geisinger,  a roofing contractor from Long Island, NY, the dream started with stench.

It came to pass that Adam had an idea for a personal grooming product (on the way to the gym, natch), and because this is America, where anybody can do anything, Adam begot something so completely and wonderfully absurd that he took to the airwaves to advertise it himself.

And so there came to be Doc Bottoms Aspray, billing itself as the first “All Over” deodorant.

The resulting two-minute infomercial, featuring wildly enthusiastic Adam Jay Geisinger as pitchman, is so cheerfully mortifying, such a big fat spritz over the line of good taste, that it reaches its own level of art. Or something.

via Adam Jay Geisinger’s Doc Bottoms Aspray Is So Shocking, MSNBC Pulled the Ad –

Doc Bottoms.  Get it?  Here’s the whole video pitch:

[youtubevid id=”Lmy9R_WtPbg”]

It’s as if Adam is simultaneously channeling Mad Men’s Don Draper and Married with Children’s Al Bundy, with a little Hasselhoff thrown in.   Who else could deliver lines like “Pungent pits?  Beastly butt odor?  How do you stop the stink?” and still somehow maintain an air of respectability?   Take a look at the official ass spray site and you’ll see a great example of marketing to the masses: “Our TV ads may be funny, but embarrassing body odors are not!”  Hard to argue with that.   They even offer a free portable pocket shot of ass spray.   Stocking stuffer, anyone?

Btw, it says it’s safe for all odor zones .  Not sure if that includes Kashmir’s ass lobster

* * * * * * * * * * *
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10-year-old Bill Gates fanboy sings love song for Windows 7

Posted by andreaitis on November 15, 2009

His name is Will Smith, and he’s proving yet again that geeks rule.  For his fifth grade talent show, Will wrote a song all about Windows 7, literally singing its praises.  Here’s the video from the talent show rehearsal, Will’s own  a cappella version of  ‘Windows Rising.’

windows 7 rising 11-16-2009 12-49-01 PM

Will Smith sings love song to Bill Gates: 'I see Windows 7 rising...'

TechFlash’s Todd Bishop saw the video and contacted the 10-year-old’s mother in Lakeway, Texas.  Carolyn Smith confirmed that Will is a “huge Microsoft fan” but said Microsoft had nothing to do with the song.

“I just wanted to write a song about the new Windows operating system,” Will said after his mom put him on the phone. Asked about his favorite feature, he said it’s the new taskbar. And this, frankly, is almost more unbelievable than him writing the song: He said he has upgraded all four of his family’s computers to Windows 7.

When he grows up, he said, he plans to work at Geek Squad, or Microsoft, probably as a programmer.

via Ballad of a Windows 7 fanboy

Will Smith even looks like a young Bill Gates.  Can’t wait to see a Will Smith / Bill Gates meet-up.  If Microsoft is smart they’ll make that happen and it’ll end up on YouTube soon, too.

Will’s mom said he was mobbed by girls in the green room after he performed his song.  No word on whether any of them were named Melinda.

UPDATE:  By popular demand, geektastic lyrics below so you can sing along.

I see Windows 7 rising
I see it coming on the way
I hear my laptop making new sounds
I change my background every day

Don’t stay with XP
‘Cause you’re bound to get confused
Windows 7 really rules

I see that Microsoft has done it
I like to shake my Windows up
I like my Internet connected
I like the bigger icons too

Don’t stay with XP
‘Cause you’re bound to get confused
Windows 7 really rules

Hope you got your system going
Hope you have Windows 7 too
Looks like we’re in for nicer task bars
Windows 7 really rules

Don’t stay with XP
‘Cause you’re bound to get confused
Windows 7 really rules

Don’t stay with XP
‘Cause you’re bound to get confused
Windows 7 really rules

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Mark Cuban says Internet has jumped the shark (except for his DWTS videos)

Posted by andreaitis on May 28, 2009

You always know when Mark Cuban is in the room.  Or on the basketball court.  Or the dance floor.  This time, he was speaking at D7, the All Things D conference.   Did he say newspapers are dead?  Nope.  He said the thing that’s killing newspapers is dead.  That’s right, the Internet is staid and boring.  And video on the Internet? Utterly disappointing.

“I think it’s a real disappointment to see where Internet video has come,” Cuban said, noting that the industry still doesn’t have advertising standards, among other shortcomings.

Other shortcomings…hmm…like his Dancing with the Stars videos up on YouTube?

[youtubevid id=JkFS1aa9Lz4]

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Hulu steps up. Should YouTube be nervous?

Posted by andreaitis on March 12, 2009

Hulu launched a year ago to critical acclaim.  Well, first it was surprise that NBC and Fox could actually launch a joint project at all, and then it was shock that the joint project was actually pretty good, and then came the critical acclaim.  Now they’re adding social features, and taking a run at  YouTube’s domination station.  To quote Jeff Jarvis: WWGD?

Now, though, users can add each other as friends, use their Facebook and Gmail (via OAuth) credentials to find new friends, recommend shows to each other, and leave messages on Facebook-like walls. The features are an important addition to a site that is primarily focused on mainstream content, especially since one of Hulu’s few long-time criticisms since its inception was a lack of social interaction. Now, the site is poised to give and YouTube, both giants in terms of video-related communities, a run for their money.

hulu screenshot

Hulu unveils social tools, aims for Internet TV domination – Ars Technica

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catching signals that sound in the dark

Posted by andreaitis on September 26, 2008

a day of powerpointing, prepping the deck for our first board meeting.   went to the hype machine, typed in  neutral milk hotel and listened over and over and over again.  literally for hours.  was going to  post some covers (the mountain goats, dresden dolls, jesse lacey, colin meloy) but really … nothing beats this.  jeff mangum playing at r.e.m. designer chris bilheimer’s birthday party in 1998.

i am listening to hear where you are.

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jew knew?!?

Posted by andreaitis on July 17, 2008

we all feel big brother breathing down our necks these days, with the court case featuring google / youtube vs viacom, loopt’s gps privacy fumbles, and the aclu taking on the foreign intelligence surveillance act (fisa).

and then, just when i thought i could fear no more,  i stumbled across david berkowitz’s blog post.  it was prompted by this ad on facebook:

facebook using jewdar targeting?

facebook using jewdar targeting?

david jumped right on this schmear campaign….sorry, couldn’t help myself.   ;-j   but it’s good reading.

he asked the penetrating question: does facebook know i’m jewish??  see the answer in his blog post, and more in his column on the chutzpah of facebook’s jewdar.

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rose garden

Posted by andreaitis on July 9, 2008

existential geeks unite!   our video anthem has arrived.  i proclaim it so, having once been a geeky and gawky 11ish year old who read and wrote about harold pinter to the utter confusion of her mark twain’d classmates.  watch now, and rejoice.

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