Hulu steps up. Should YouTube be nervous?

Posted by andreaitis on March 12, 2009

Hulu launched a year ago to critical acclaim.  Well, first it was surprise that NBC and Fox could actually launch a joint project at all, and then it was shock that the joint project was actually pretty good, and then came the critical acclaim.  Now they’re adding social features, and taking a run at  YouTube’s domination station.  To quote Jeff Jarvis: WWGD?

Now, though, users can add each other as friends, use their Facebook and Gmail (via OAuth) credentials to find new friends, recommend shows to each other, and leave messages on Facebook-like walls. The features are an important addition to a site that is primarily focused on mainstream content, especially since one of Hulu’s few long-time criticisms since its inception was a lack of social interaction. Now, the site is poised to give and YouTube, both giants in terms of video-related communities, a run for their money.

hulu screenshot

Hulu unveils social tools, aims for Internet TV domination – Ars Technica


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