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Mark Cuban says Internet has jumped the shark (except for his DWTS videos)

Posted by andreaitis on May 28, 2009

You always know when Mark Cuban is in the room.  Or on the basketball court.  Or the dance floor.  This time, he was speaking at D7, the All Things D conference.   Did he say newspapers are dead?  Nope.  He said the thing that’s killing newspapers is dead.  That’s right, the Internet is staid and boring.  And video on the Internet? Utterly disappointing.

“I think it’s a real disappointment to see where Internet video has come,” Cuban said, noting that the industry still doesn’t have advertising standards, among other shortcomings.

Other shortcomings…hmm…like his Dancing with the Stars videos up on YouTube?

[youtubevid id=JkFS1aa9Lz4]

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David Carr: United, Newspapers May Stand. Me: Really?

Posted by andreaitis on March 9, 2009

What is under attack is the fundamental machinery of the Fourth Estate, not just the local newspapers that some love to hate and others, including many young consumers, are indifferent to.

The Media Equation – United, Newspapers May Stand –

Is that what’s under attack?  I wonder if we’d think so had David Carr replaced ‘newspaper industry’ with ‘news industry.’

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The Cost of Doing Newspaper Business: $238K

Posted by andreaitis on February 24, 2009

Duluth News Tribune awarded training grant

The Minnesota Job Skills Partnership program has given the Duluth News Tribune, the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication a total of $238,000 to help retrain the newspaper staffs.

Huh.  That was my first reaction.  Just…huh.  Then I read the story. Advertising is mentioned 7 times.  Internet is mentioned once.  Web and mobile?  Zero mentions.

I get that it’s a business. Of course we need to figure out how to make the news (overall news, not newspaper) business work.  And, we certainly need to bridge the gap for advertisers, to help them move from traditional to digital opportunities.  That is a true and noble goal.    So if that’s what this grant is all about, then let’s just be honest about it.  After all, isn’t that part of the training, too?  And while you’re at it, maybe set aside some of that grant time and money to think about how it all fits together, now and 25 years from now.  It won’t be “computer programs” … And about that consumer feedback?   Happy to hook you up with some open source forums and polls.   All free.   ;-j

I underlined some of my favorite passages below:

Now the two newspapers and journalism department will begin working on what ought to be studied. Those involved say it’s likely to be a mix of learning new computer programs to help sell advertising and tell news stories, and fundamentally rethinking how to deliver news and advertising.

“There are all kinds of ways we can use it,” said Peter Passi, a business reporter and president of the Lake Superior Newspaper Guild at the News Tribune. The idea of applying grew out of negotiations between the paper’s owner, Forum Communi-cations, and the union last year, Passi said.

Rob Karwath, executive editor of the News Tribune, said he envisions money going toward rethinking how to sell new products that deliver news and advertising to readers, and setting up methods to increasingly receive feedback from customers.

“I think it’s primarily rethinking what we’re doing, where we put our people, and where we put our efforts,” he said.

Aaron Becher, advertising director at the News Tribune, said he hopes the money can help create more of a lab-type experience where advertising staff can train to sell new kinds of advertising products in an in-house practice system before taking it to actual customers.

Duluth News Tribune awarded training grant | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota

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Posted by andreaitis on January 16, 2009

i participated in a panel this past week on the future of news and information.   it was my first public outing as a true/slant’r, and i have to admit i was a bit rusty.  all those high school theater performances and still, i get nervous.  a good warmup, though, for what’s to come.   david berkowitz has a  roundup of my  session.

mostly, i thought we barely covered the tip of the tech iceberg.  no one talked about twitter or google reader or iphones or other non-traditional methods for consuming news.    there’s a news generation gap: the people who get up in the cold, dark morning and pad down to the cold, dark front porch to bring in the newspaper … and the people who roll over, reach for the mobile phone and scroll through the news  while under the still- warm covers.   how do we close that gap?  that would have been an interesting discussion.

public speaking in this day and age is practically a contact sport  you are instantly analyzed, judged,  pummeled and (if lucky) applauded, all at the whim of wifi and mobile devices.  it makes it that much more challenging.   so next time, i’m definitely bringing my notes with me to calm my nerves.  and maybe a  small flask.  ;-j

i did wander through the harvard club after the panel.  prittee, prittee good.  and i was accosted by a man in the coat check area who was looking for a female ceo for his relationship-fixer-upper startup.  at first i thought he was waiting to meet someone in particular.  but no, it seems he was hanging out in the harvard club just hoping to meet a woman who might want to be  ceo of an alleged startup.  i guess all you need on your resume is estrogen.  any takers?

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