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Radiohead vs. the RIAA

Posted by andreaitis on April 5, 2009

Boston University physics grad student Joel Tenenbaum is accused of sharing copyrighted music online, specifically seven tracks on Kazaa.  As a result, he is currently being sued by the RIAA.  Enter Radiohead, who firmly believe the music industry is not harmed by file-sharing.  In fact, they think file-sharing among music fans can help.  Talk about a (rock) star witness…

Radiohead vs. the RIAA

Radiohead, the band that made millions of dollars by giving away their music for free, has very little to complain about when it comes to piracy. On the contrary, in a landmark file-sharing case, Radiohead has responded positively to a request to testify against the RIAA.

Now, in the case of Boston University student Joel Tenenbaum versus the RIAA, Radiohead has indicated that they will testify against the RIAA. Tenenbaum’s troubles started in 2003 when he rejected an offer to settle with the RIAA for $500. After a few more settlement attempts and legal quibbles, the case eventually went to court.

Radiohead to Testify Against the RIAA | TorrentFreak.


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startup’ing, month 8: thinking inside the box

Posted by andreaitis on February 26, 2009

i call this our macgyver period.

it all started with a not-so-little office drama.  we had a funny feeling about our nice digs in union square (yes, one floor below fred wilson!).   we were subletting, had carved out the space in the back right corner as our own…but noticed that, uhhh, the rest of the place was getting emptier and emptier.  so we huddled and quickly decided we needed a new place.  and then our landlord decided he wouldn’t continue renting the union square office at all.  since you can’t sublet if there’s no one to sublet from, the building decided to pleasantly evict us.  of course, all of this coincided with our alpha release #4.

within 48 hours our fearless leader announced it was done:  a new office that was bigger, cheaper and had seven windows, available march 1st.  unfortunately, it was january 27th.  we had another product release coming up, and a board meeting, and no place to work.   enter: the box.  we took a temp office in the helmsley building.  sounds nice, right?  join me for the trip to the box:

it was, in essence, an alice in wonderland office.  or something out of being john malkovich.  i actually didn’t mind it at first…until the connectivity problems.  and the loud day-traders next door.   and the game of musical chairs that meant the last person who arrived had to use a small file cabinet as a desk.   and the loose electrical outlet that sparked and sizzled.  and the lack of any windows which, ultimately, made it feel like we were working at a casino.  and the random electrical shocks from just, y’know, sitting down and touching a laptop.  pretty sure our cto got some free electro-shock therapy.

but, now that it’s my last day in the box… i might actually miss it a little.   it was cramped and crazy, but while we were there we released alpha #5 on time, and made it through another energetic board meeting.

oh!  i was also reblogged by fred wilson.  that’s like a rite of passage, isn’t it?  a blog mitzvah?  it was paul westerberg singing Waitress in the Sky.  after westerberg’s hit by a beer bottle in the middle of the song, he smoooothly slips in some improv lyrics without missing a beat.

i guess that’s kind of what we did in t/s month 8…improv.   minus the flying beer bottle.

improv-ing-ly yours –

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the magnetic fields of dreams

Posted by andreaitis on October 27, 2008

i know, i know.  not all that original a title.  i can see stephin merritt giving me that flat, dry, unswerving stare.  which he actually did on sunday night at the magnetic fields show.  f’real.

i was sitting in the front row thanks to (ridiculously cheap) ebay tix, and stephin merritt was no more than 20 feet from me.   and, um, he shushed me.   !!!!   i whispered ONE word to my date — literally, a single whisper of a word — and stephin merritt looked at me, put his finger to his lips and oh-so-quietly shhhh’d me.   in a nice sardonic way, actually.   but that brings me to a little known merritt fact: he’s got hyperacusis.   any sound louder than normal begins to “feed back” in his head.  that’s why he wears earplugs when he performs, and why he doesn’t like applause.

a review of the show here.  i was happy to see them live, to revel in the pointed and poignant misery they so lovingly harmonize.   found some videos from earlier shows on the tour — a few of my favorite moments:

papa was a rodeo

the book of love

all dressed up in dreams

give me back my dreams

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catching signals that sound in the dark

Posted by andreaitis on September 26, 2008

a day of powerpointing, prepping the deck for our first board meeting.   went to the hype machine, typed in  neutral milk hotel and listened over and over and over again.  literally for hours.  was going to  post some covers (the mountain goats, dresden dolls, jesse lacey, colin meloy) but really … nothing beats this.  jeff mangum playing at r.e.m. designer chris bilheimer’s birthday party in 1998.

i am listening to hear where you are.

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sigur ros. hjartað hamast.

Posted by andreaitis on September 18, 2008

the heart pounds.

sigur ros played at the united palace theater last night, a “wonder theater” that first opened in 1930.   it is straight out of shakespeare: intricately and ornately gilted – every corner, every nook – from floor to ceiling.

it was the perfect setting for sigur ros to soar.

from rolling stone’s review:

“Whenever and wherever they play, Iceland’s Sigur Rós bring with them long, deep tracts of space: the endless-ocean reverb that surrounds Jón Pór Birgisson’s groaning, bowed guitar; the dramatic waiting in theopening measures of songs like “Svefn-G-Englar” andf “Ny Batteri” from the band’s 1999 album, Ágaetis Byrjun; the extended afterglow of Birgisson’s falsetto vocals…”

pure notes. ragged beats. hard edges.  a blend of lights and imagery, they are immersed in the flow of the music.  it is hauntingly beautiful, mesmerizing, raw and daring.

hjartað hamast.   the heart pounds.

ps – this is what the end of the show would have been like if you were there and had better seats ;-j

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london calling

Posted by andreaitis on August 6, 2008

black cab sessions. one song.  one take.  one cab.    it’s almost worth going to london and wandering the streets for the chance acoustic encouter.   see (and hear) for yourself.

my morning jacket, with omnichord:

and, appropriately, death cab for cutie:

find your own ride — 51 black cab sessions to choose from so far…

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singer(s) sing

Posted by andreaitis on July 27, 2008

dean wareham and britta phillips.  they played for over an hour at the zipper factory in new york — low-key, quirky and charming.   an indie pop barbie and ken, without the gloss.  and the music?  hypnotic, soothing, like that moment at the beach with the wind and the waves and the sun warm on your face, when all is okay.  which isn’t to say it’s simple.  but to sit thisclose and feel their music wash over you . . . i won’t soon forget it.   this one was ‘specially lovely: wait for me

dean and britta at the zipper factory

singer(s) sing

dean & britta at the zipper factory

dean & britta at the zipper factory

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it doesn’t seem it’s been too long

Posted by andreaitis on July 24, 2008

seeing dean & britta tonight, the hushed tones of dreamy pop rock royalty.

the sun is still sunny…

i remember sleeping through a dream, but i’ll be going back again …  say goodnight

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sign language

Posted by andreaitis on July 23, 2008

one of my very favorite covers — the mountain goats doing ‘i saw the sign’ by ace of bass.  i have a great version on my ipod that i’ve practically worn out over the years.  yes, it’s one of my most-listened-to songs.   so?  you gotta problem with that??  anyway, i found this video complete with the dance moves.   the dance moves!  which, honestly, only makes it that much more awesomer.

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like the stars above

Posted by andreaitis on July 11, 2008

another cover of dire straits’ romeo and juliet, this one from matt nathanson.   swing with the mood, then fall in sweetly and gently . . .

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