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Party in the USA: Hardcore kids in Miley Cyrus sing-a-long

Posted by andreaitis on January 27, 2010

WASHINGTON - JANUARY 19:  Miley Cyrus performs...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

There’s a video making the rounds.  It was up on TwitVid, then YouTube, and just found its way to the MTV Iggy Blog.  It’s from a punk rock show in Atlanta, Georgia on January 12th.  You should care about this because:

1. The video was taken by our friend and unofficially official True/Slant photographer, the very ink’d and very happening Matt X. Miller (he took this picture).

2. The video already has over 25k views on the ‘Tube with a bullet.

3. It shows that we can set our differences aside and find common ground, whether you’re a little bit country or a little bit rock-n-roll.

4. It captures a moment in time and sincere, authentic fun.  Remember fun?

From the MTV Iggy Blog:

And yet sometimes, in America, you all sit at the dinner table together. And you understand why he doesn’t want to work. And you like his tattoos. And you think maybe your sister isn’t so shallow, that maybe all she wants is to seek out beauty like we all do, to live in a fluffy, happy world.

In the video below, we see hardcore metalheads in Atlanta — you know, your older brother’s type — in a moment of rare, un-ironic love for their little American sisters.

At a show for hardcore bands Trapper Under Ice, Cruel Hand, Naysayer, and Foundation some smart alec put on Miley Cyrus’ USA hit, “Party in the USA” and what did the boys do? Turn it off? Tear the speakers to pieces? (See that song’s original video here.) Nope, they unabashedly danced, hugged, and sang (nearly) every word. It’s your YouTube of the day. A sneak peek into the weirdness that is America’s Teenage Wasteland:

via Hardcore Kids, Singing Along to Miley Cyrus? That’s America > MTV Iggy Blog > MTV Iggy – Global Pop Culture, Latest Trends and New Music

Here’s the video:

[youtubevid id=”4669ozY4faQ”]

In the YouTube description, Matt said “It was rad to see hardcore kids take themselves a little less serious and loosen up.”   Funny, that’s exactly what he said to us after taking our True/Slant pictures.


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Hulu steps up. Should YouTube be nervous?

Posted by andreaitis on March 12, 2009

Hulu launched a year ago to critical acclaim.  Well, first it was surprise that NBC and Fox could actually launch a joint project at all, and then it was shock that the joint project was actually pretty good, and then came the critical acclaim.  Now they’re adding social features, and taking a run at  YouTube’s domination station.  To quote Jeff Jarvis: WWGD?

Now, though, users can add each other as friends, use their Facebook and Gmail (via OAuth) credentials to find new friends, recommend shows to each other, and leave messages on Facebook-like walls. The features are an important addition to a site that is primarily focused on mainstream content, especially since one of Hulu’s few long-time criticisms since its inception was a lack of social interaction. Now, the site is poised to give and YouTube, both giants in terms of video-related communities, a run for their money.

hulu screenshot

Hulu unveils social tools, aims for Internet TV domination – Ars Technica

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Free Credit Comcast Report Dot Com

Posted by andreaitis on March 3, 2009

I’ve been kinda hooked on those commercials.  To the point where, yes, I googled them.  And youtubed them.  To be fair, I did not wikipedia them.  Yet.

Anyway, now — with the new Comcast commercials — there may be a storm brewing in the land of jingles.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Okay, musicologists….what say you?

Zemanta Pixie

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The Rebuttal: Lazy Monday

Posted by andreaitis on February 16, 2009

After reading Cristina Everett’s post “Dick in a Box for Sale” I was reminded of one of the counter-raps from the Samberg Series.   Take a walk down short-term memory lane with “Lazy Monday”:

[kaltura-widget wid=”rb29nzqnhs” width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”2″ editpermission=”2″ /]

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like the stars above

Posted by andreaitis on July 11, 2008

another cover of dire straits’ romeo and juliet, this one from matt nathanson.   swing with the mood, then fall in sweetly and gently . . .

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through the bars of a rhyme

Posted by andreaitis on July 10, 2008

my list of favorites wouldn’t include the killers or dire straits . . . but this, i love.

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rose garden

Posted by andreaitis on July 9, 2008

existential geeks unite!   our video anthem has arrived.  i proclaim it so, having once been a geeky and gawky 11ish year old who read and wrote about harold pinter to the utter confusion of her mark twain’d classmates.  watch now, and rejoice.

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