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the boys are back in town

Posted by andreaitis on October 2, 2008

steve dunleavy

dunleavy's pompadour flashback

so, i crashed steve dunleavy’s retirement party.  to be more exact, i instigated and led the crashing of the party.   my a current affair friends and i showed up and waltzed in as if we belonged.  which, of course, we did.

we had heard it was a closed party with tight security, only for the select few new york post staffers.  how can that be, we thought?  that was the most un-dunleavy of parties ever.  so in true tabloid form we showed up uninvited and managed to get ourselves inside.

and there, inside the bourbon street grille, it was like a tabloid time warp: rupert murdoch, maury povich and connie chung,  cristina’s court executive producer (and recent emmy winner) peter brennan, star magazine executive editor barry levine,  tabloid baby burt kearns, and so many more.

dunleavy was in his element.  drink in one hand, cigarette in another, more like the dunleavy we all remember so well.  and i did what i was unable to do when i saw him in penn station: i kissed his cheek, gave him a hug,  and wished him well.   he was happy, the center of attention, holding court and telling stories as the cigarette smoke swirled up and away, as that long tonight faded into tomorrow.

dunleavy: so you think you can dance (he does and he can).  watch part of the video tribute…


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sigur ros. hjartað hamast.

Posted by andreaitis on September 18, 2008

the heart pounds.

sigur ros played at the united palace theater last night, a “wonder theater” that first opened in 1930.   it is straight out of shakespeare: intricately and ornately gilted – every corner, every nook – from floor to ceiling.

it was the perfect setting for sigur ros to soar.

from rolling stone’s review:

“Whenever and wherever they play, Iceland’s Sigur Rós bring with them long, deep tracts of space: the endless-ocean reverb that surrounds Jón Pór Birgisson’s groaning, bowed guitar; the dramatic waiting in theopening measures of songs like “Svefn-G-Englar” andf “Ny Batteri” from the band’s 1999 album, Ágaetis Byrjun; the extended afterglow of Birgisson’s falsetto vocals…”

pure notes. ragged beats. hard edges.  a blend of lights and imagery, they are immersed in the flow of the music.  it is hauntingly beautiful, mesmerizing, raw and daring.

hjartað hamast.   the heart pounds.

ps – this is what the end of the show would have been like if you were there and had better seats ;-j

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spamku, part too

Posted by andreaitis on September 16, 2008

look no further for

pecker growers, evolving

the infrastructure

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study break

Posted by andreaitis on September 1, 2008

spamku, by me
Steps to male power…
Paris sells special taco!
Secure viagra.

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london calling

Posted by andreaitis on August 6, 2008

black cab sessions. one song.  one take.  one cab.    it’s almost worth going to london and wandering the streets for the chance acoustic encouter.   see (and hear) for yourself.

my morning jacket, with omnichord:

and, appropriately, death cab for cutie:

find your own ride — 51 black cab sessions to choose from so far…

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sign language

Posted by andreaitis on July 23, 2008

one of my very favorite covers — the mountain goats doing ‘i saw the sign’ by ace of bass.  i have a great version on my ipod that i’ve practically worn out over the years.  yes, it’s one of my most-listened-to songs.   so?  you gotta problem with that??  anyway, i found this video complete with the dance moves.   the dance moves!  which, honestly, only makes it that much more awesomer.

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icahn ready for prime time?

Posted by andreaitis on July 21, 2008

carl icahn just played the tech version of Let’s Make a Deal.    he agreed to end his yahoo proxy fight in exchange for 3 board seats.  techcrunch has the details, of course…. but what struck me even more was that, in this extended silicon valley soap opera, carl icahn sorta looks like blake carrington from dynasty.   of course, icahn’s ego is bigger than linda evans’ shoulder pads.  and his temperament is frostier than joan collins.  but he’s got the cat fight down pat, and…well, see for yourself:

blake carrington (aka john forsythe)

billionaire and corporate raider blake carrington (aka john forsythe) and the dynasty dolls

carl icahn
billionaire and corporate raider carl icahn

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a. dick

Posted by andreaitis on July 16, 2008

the aptly named andy dick is arrested.  again.  because he was exceedingly drunk.  again.

and groping women.  again.

really, it could only be better if instead of andy dick his name was actually randy dick.

andy dick

andy dick mugs for the slammer-cam

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voices carry

Posted by andreaitis on July 13, 2008

i like the grey, the bits in between.  things that are curiously and interestingly hazy, where you can meander through the why and why not.  forgive me, for i think i’m about to quote c & c music factory:  things that make you go hmm.

yep.  i did just do that.  oig.

anyway, i came across something gloriously grey —  the morning news gallery on phone sex operators.  it’s culled from phillip toledano’s new book, Phone Sex.

we see what’s behind the voice, a glimpse into the body and the mind.   and we voyeuristically get to take a walk on the wild side.

take a peek…

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