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The Office, without a trace of irony

Posted by andreaitis on June 24, 2009

Or, Web 2-dot-ohno.

Watch as Founder and CEO Frank Addante gives a breathtaking tour of Rubicon Project Headquarters.

[youtubevid id=brbAtR3jn-4]

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Jim Bellows, The Last Editor, Gone at 86

Posted by andreaitis on March 7, 2009

Jim Bellows

Jim Bellows

I saw it on twitter first.  I know, I know, it sounds trite already (or, uh, twite).  It resonated, though, because our CEO worked for Jim Bellows at one time, and knew him well.  I’ve heard the stories.  Bellows was a truly great editor, by all accounts — even his own in his book The Last Editor.  He loved what he did, and he loved the people who did it with him…whether he was working in print, TV or the Internet.

LD says Bellows was known for repeatedly asking the following:  “Young man, what do you want to do with the rest of your life?”  And, LD says, you would think about that question, from then on.   Bellows  had an impact, one that was resoundingly felt by those who worked with him.  And it transcends.  I was not fortunate enough to meet Jim Bellows, but LD talked about him and shared stories.  And when we started down the startup path in July, LD sent me a copy of Bellows’ book.  “Read this,” he said.  So I did.  And in reading it I got a sense of who Bellows was, and the joy with which he approached every step along the way.

The Editor & Publisher obit includes excerpts from a 2002 interview with Bellows on the PBS NewsHour:

TERENCE SMITH: What’s the future hold in this business that you’ve been in so long, in journalism? Is the answer the Internet, will newspapers still be around, will they still be on newsprint?

JIM BELLOWS: You’re going to have a newspaper that’s delivered there at your home every day, but it’s not going to be market quotes, it’s not going to be baseball statistics; it’s going to be commentary and opinion, but you’re going to be able to get that other material that you want by the computer world and everything else.

TERENCE SMITH: Jim, what worries you, if anything, about journalism today? When you look at the news business and you look at everything from newspapers to the 24-hour news channels, any cause of concern?

JIM BELLOWS: The newspapers now are too tame. And you need more people with passion who are willing to take risks and have a commitment to making a difference.

TERENCE SMITH: Too tame when you look across the country, too tame? Papers that… you see papers that ought to be more adventurous?

JIM BELLOWS: Yes, and they ought to take risks, which they’ve got to, it’s productive to be helpful to people to make a better life and make sense out of the news.

To make a better life and make sense out of the news…

I had planned to post pictures of our new office tonight, before hearing this news.  I am still going to post them, because I think Jim Bellows would have enjoyed LD’s latest adventure.  He would appreciate True/Slant.  I can picture him standing in our office, asking LD yet again what he wants to do with the rest of  his life.  LD would look him straight in the eye and say, with conviction,  “This is it.”  I imagine Bellows would mumble in response, with a glint of pride and pleasure.   And he would look out the windows of our new office,  see the future and nod with approval.

To Jim Bellows…for always raising hell.


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startup’ing, month 8: thinking inside the box

Posted by andreaitis on February 26, 2009

i call this our macgyver period.

it all started with a not-so-little office drama.  we had a funny feeling about our nice digs in union square (yes, one floor below fred wilson!).   we were subletting, had carved out the space in the back right corner as our own…but noticed that, uhhh, the rest of the place was getting emptier and emptier.  so we huddled and quickly decided we needed a new place.  and then our landlord decided he wouldn’t continue renting the union square office at all.  since you can’t sublet if there’s no one to sublet from, the building decided to pleasantly evict us.  of course, all of this coincided with our alpha release #4.

within 48 hours our fearless leader announced it was done:  a new office that was bigger, cheaper and had seven windows, available march 1st.  unfortunately, it was january 27th.  we had another product release coming up, and a board meeting, and no place to work.   enter: the box.  we took a temp office in the helmsley building.  sounds nice, right?  join me for the trip to the box:

it was, in essence, an alice in wonderland office.  or something out of being john malkovich.  i actually didn’t mind it at first…until the connectivity problems.  and the loud day-traders next door.   and the game of musical chairs that meant the last person who arrived had to use a small file cabinet as a desk.   and the loose electrical outlet that sparked and sizzled.  and the lack of any windows which, ultimately, made it feel like we were working at a casino.  and the random electrical shocks from just, y’know, sitting down and touching a laptop.  pretty sure our cto got some free electro-shock therapy.

but, now that it’s my last day in the box… i might actually miss it a little.   it was cramped and crazy, but while we were there we released alpha #5 on time, and made it through another energetic board meeting.

oh!  i was also reblogged by fred wilson.  that’s like a rite of passage, isn’t it?  a blog mitzvah?  it was paul westerberg singing Waitress in the Sky.  after westerberg’s hit by a beer bottle in the middle of the song, he smoooothly slips in some improv lyrics without missing a beat.

i guess that’s kind of what we did in t/s month 8…improv.   minus the flying beer bottle.

improv-ing-ly yours –

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startup’ing, month 2.5

Posted by andreaitis on September 11, 2008

where to begin. . .

the days are zipping along.  we are officially cto’d, and happily so.  our cto started and it was as if he’d been working with us all along.  maybe because we spent so much time together during the interview process.  maybe because he’s the right guy for the job, he just fits.  we practically heard the ‘click’ on his first day.

oh, we also now have an equal mix: 2 macs and 2 pcs.  and 2 iphones, further proof of our startup status.  wave around an iphone, wear skinny jeans and a button-down shirt untucked with sleeves rolled up and  people simply nod, exchange a knowing glance and say to themselves “oh, startup.”   me being a girl and all, i have more wardrobe options.  but the rest holds true.

we’re excited, and anxious.   i say that’s fine, we should all be appropriately anxious.   “appropriately anxious,” i say.  and there’s much to be appropriately anxious about:  are we moving fast enough?  are we thinking about the product in the right way?  are we thinking about the audience in the right way?  what are we forgetting?  what.are.we.forgetting???

we don’t have a name yet.  we have a tag line, but no name to sit on top of it.   yep.  some angsty discussions about that today.  but other things are moving.  we’re prototype-ing, and experience-ing, and product roadmap-ing, and all sorts of other th-ings.

and the office is shaping up.

glory days: All the President's Men

gory days: A Current Affair

Mac Cube

adore-y days: Mac Cube

more to come…

startup’ingly yours,

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