Radiohead vs. the RIAA

Posted by andreaitis on April 5, 2009

Boston University physics grad student Joel Tenenbaum is accused of sharing copyrighted music online, specifically seven tracks on Kazaa.  As a result, he is currently being sued by the RIAA.  Enter Radiohead, who firmly believe the music industry is not harmed by file-sharing.  In fact, they think file-sharing among music fans can help.  Talk about a (rock) star witness…

Radiohead vs. the RIAA

Radiohead, the band that made millions of dollars by giving away their music for free, has very little to complain about when it comes to piracy. On the contrary, in a landmark file-sharing case, Radiohead has responded positively to a request to testify against the RIAA.

Now, in the case of Boston University student Joel Tenenbaum versus the RIAA, Radiohead has indicated that they will testify against the RIAA. Tenenbaum’s troubles started in 2003 when he rejected an offer to settle with the RIAA for $500. After a few more settlement attempts and legal quibbles, the case eventually went to court.

Radiohead to Testify Against the RIAA | TorrentFreak.


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