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sigur ros. hjartað hamast.

Posted by andreaitis on September 18, 2008

the heart pounds.

sigur ros played at the united palace theater last night, a “wonder theater” that first opened in 1930.   it is straight out of shakespeare: intricately and ornately gilted – every corner, every nook – from floor to ceiling.

it was the perfect setting for sigur ros to soar.

from rolling stone’s review:

“Whenever and wherever they play, Iceland’s Sigur Rós bring with them long, deep tracts of space: the endless-ocean reverb that surrounds Jón Pór Birgisson’s groaning, bowed guitar; the dramatic waiting in theopening measures of songs like “Svefn-G-Englar” andf “Ny Batteri” from the band’s 1999 album, Ágaetis Byrjun; the extended afterglow of Birgisson’s falsetto vocals…”

pure notes. ragged beats. hard edges.  a blend of lights and imagery, they are immersed in the flow of the music.  it is hauntingly beautiful, mesmerizing, raw and daring.

hjartað hamast.   the heart pounds.

ps – this is what the end of the show would have been like if you were there and had better seats ;-j

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spamku, part too

Posted by andreaitis on September 16, 2008

look no further for

pecker growers, evolving

the infrastructure

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startup’ing, month 2.5

Posted by andreaitis on September 11, 2008

where to begin. . .

the days are zipping along.  we are officially cto’d, and happily so.  our cto started and it was as if he’d been working with us all along.  maybe because we spent so much time together during the interview process.  maybe because he’s the right guy for the job, he just fits.  we practically heard the ‘click’ on his first day.

oh, we also now have an equal mix: 2 macs and 2 pcs.  and 2 iphones, further proof of our startup status.  wave around an iphone, wear skinny jeans and a button-down shirt untucked with sleeves rolled up and  people simply nod, exchange a knowing glance and say to themselves “oh, startup.”   me being a girl and all, i have more wardrobe options.  but the rest holds true.

we’re excited, and anxious.   i say that’s fine, we should all be appropriately anxious.   “appropriately anxious,” i say.  and there’s much to be appropriately anxious about:  are we moving fast enough?  are we thinking about the product in the right way?  are we thinking about the audience in the right way?  what are we forgetting?  what.are.we.forgetting???

we don’t have a name yet.  we have a tag line, but no name to sit on top of it.   yep.  some angsty discussions about that today.  but other things are moving.  we’re prototype-ing, and experience-ing, and product roadmap-ing, and all sorts of other th-ings.

and the office is shaping up.

glory days: All the President's Men

gory days: A Current Affair

Mac Cube

adore-y days: Mac Cube

more to come…

startup’ingly yours,

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study break

Posted by andreaitis on September 1, 2008

spamku, by me
Steps to male power…
Paris sells special taco!
Secure viagra.

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Posted by andreaitis on August 28, 2008

spaghetti. fork'd up.

spaghetti. fork'd up.

i was at a business lunch the other day.  me, 2 co-workers and 1 guy we were interviewing for a job.  i ordered pasta — i think that’s still a cardinal sin these days (er, a carbinal sin) but tough.  i like pasta.

so, there i am eating my spaghetti with tomato and basil when suddenly, it happened.  one of those situations you don’t dream of, can’t plan for … but i’m getting ahead of myself.  let me set this up properly.

i’m in my still-summer wardrobe: swingy skirt and black top with capped sleeves and a scoop neck.   i’m in business casual mode, which means i’m chattering away about industry stuff but trying to avoid certain subjects like, say, digital advancements in the porn industry.   i usually wait to talk about that until after someone’s hired.   um, that’s a joke.  sort of.

anyway, i’m delicately twirling spaghetti.  i lean in, mouth slightly open and as i move the fork a single short strand of spaghetti dangles, then freefalls right into my scoop neck.  it’s as if that one piece of pasta was hanging onto the fork tine, and just decided to let go in a freedom drop.  now, i’m still holding the fork but i don’t move.  at all. except for my eyes.  because i want to know if anyone else saw that.  i mean, i can feel the little piece of spaghetti nuzzling in there, but did anyone see what just happened??  it seems not.  and therein lies the dilemma.  there is no easy way to remove spaghetti from just inside a scoop neck without drawing attention to the scoopage situation.  and it’s not particularly where you’d want eyes on you, especially at a meant-to-impress business lunch.   WWMMD, i thought to myself … what would miss manners do …

i had no clue.  none.  so i finished eating, being very careful to not move my upper body.  through lunch.  walking back to the office.  up the elevator.  you’ve never seen posture this good.   i was worried the spaghetti would slip out through the bottom of my shirt so i held my breath a lot, too.   but it was comfortably nestled in there, apparently, because it didn’t move either.

i finally retrieved it in the ladies room.   pasta la vista, baby.

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Posted by andreaitis on August 11, 2008

we got the call.  the “hey, what are you guys doing?” call.   next thing we know, some facts about our still-stealthy startup in   yay.

here ’tis: Former AOL Exec Dvorkin Starts News Aggregator Backed by Forbes, Velocity

reporting live from the acela –


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london calling

Posted by andreaitis on August 6, 2008

black cab sessions. one song.  one take.  one cab.    it’s almost worth going to london and wandering the streets for the chance acoustic encouter.   see (and hear) for yourself.

my morning jacket, with omnichord:

and, appropriately, death cab for cutie:

find your own ride — 51 black cab sessions to choose from so far…

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startup’ing, month 1

Posted by andreaitis on August 1, 2008

well, it’s actually month 1 + a day.  i’m on the train, all geeked out with my laptop and mobile air card and ipod and bleary glazed eyes.   i’m getting into a routine.  i know for sure because the guy at the shine deli knew what i was going to order this morning.  plus which, he smiled at me as if he remembered me.  i like that in a corner deli.

it’s been a good month.  we’re in an office near union square.  fred wilson is in our office building.  i haven’t met him yet, but i’ve been threatening to ride the elevator up and down and up and down until i do, um, accidentally meet him.   he’s a techebrity.  and i like his taste in music.   and he’s smart.  and it would be kinda cool.  i know what you’re thinking, but i won’t hit him up for funding.  we’re lucky enough to already have some funding.  besides, that would be tacky.  as opposed to, y’know, my elevator plan.

startup office plants

hello, office plants

there are just 3 of us so far.  until today.  it was a big day today.

we hired a cto and bought 3 plants for the office.
see?   i think i might have to name them.

we’re stealthy right now, but- to recap – here’s what i can tell you:   we have some funding…we’re building something in the news space…our office is near union square…we just hired a cto….we have one plant that needs water every day, another that needs water twice a week, and a third that needs water once a week.  and i can’t remember which is which so take a good look at the office plants now while they’re still green.

oh, and i think i’m officially a regular at the shine deli.   those are all the facts for now.

factually yours,

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singer(s) sing

Posted by andreaitis on July 27, 2008

dean wareham and britta phillips.  they played for over an hour at the zipper factory in new york — low-key, quirky and charming.   an indie pop barbie and ken, without the gloss.  and the music?  hypnotic, soothing, like that moment at the beach with the wind and the waves and the sun warm on your face, when all is okay.  which isn’t to say it’s simple.  but to sit thisclose and feel their music wash over you . . . i won’t soon forget it.   this one was ‘specially lovely: wait for me

dean and britta at the zipper factory

singer(s) sing

dean & britta at the zipper factory

dean & britta at the zipper factory

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it doesn’t seem it’s been too long

Posted by andreaitis on July 24, 2008

seeing dean & britta tonight, the hushed tones of dreamy pop rock royalty.

the sun is still sunny…

i remember sleeping through a dream, but i’ll be going back again …  say goodnight

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