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Text messaging makes children and journalists more impulsive

Posted by andreaitis on August 11, 2009

text girl

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Okay, I added the journalist part but according to a new study, the rest is true.   Using mobile phones can change how your brain works.   How many journalists do you know who do NOT use mobile phones?  You can see the logic already.

This new research is rising up from down under.  Researchers at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia studied the mobile phone use of children between 11 and 14 and their ability to carry out a series of computer tests.   They found text messaging and predictive text messaging lead children to behave impulsively and make mistakes.

When researchers studied the way in which the children handled IQ-type tests they found that increased mobile phone use appears to change the way their brains work.

Prof Abramson, an epidemiologist at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, said: “The kids who used their phones a lot were faster on some of the tests, but were less accurate.

“We suspect that using mobile phones a lot, particularly tools like predictive texts for SMS, is training them to be fast but inaccurate.

via Mobile phone text messaging is making children more impulsive, claim researchers – Telegraph

Fast but inaccurate.  Hello, Alessandra Stanley?  To quote the New York Times’ Clark Hoyt quoting Alessandra Stanley in response to her very own Walter Cronkite Seven Errors Saga:

Stanley said she was writing another article on deadline at the same time and hurriedly produced the appraisal, sending it to her editor with the intention of fact-checking it later. She never did.

“This is my fault,” she said. “There are no excuses.”

In her haste, she said, she looked up the dates for two big stories that Cronkite covered — the assassination of Martin Luther King and the moment Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon — and copied them incorrectly. She wrote that Cronkite stormed the beaches on D-Day when he actually covered the invasion from a B-17 bomber. She never meant that literally, she said. “I didn’t reread it carefully enough to see people would think he was on the sands of Omaha Beach.”

The Public Editor – How Did This Happen? – Op-Ed –

Alessandra Stanley behaved impulsively and made mistakes.   I’m betting she not only uses a mobile phone, but has also done some text messaging.  I don’t know this for a fact, but you can see how the new study may explain recent journalistic errors.   Now she can change her response: It’s not my fault! There is an excuse!  We can put the blame right where it belongs: on technology and science.

This is your brain.   This is your brain on mobile phone.

I’d research all this a bit further but I’ve got to text, twitter and check Facebook right now.


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Walter Cronkite as viral video

Posted by andreaitis on July 17, 2009

Would Walter Cronkite have imagined an afterlife on YouTube?  For those too old to forget and those too young to remember, this is how Walter Cronkite lives on:

Announcing JFK’s death

[youtubevid id=”2K8Q3cqGs7I”]

Reporting on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King

[youtubevid id=”cmOBbxgxKvo”]

Reflecting on the Lunar Landing

[youtubevid id=”HwaA-hbvYF8&feature=fvst”]

Finally, Walter Cronkite on What’s My Line

[youtubevid id=”c6_RHxArgp8″]

A news conscience, ever present.  He will be missed.

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Walter Cronkite reportedly gravely ill

Posted by andreaitis on June 19, 2009

Walter Cronkite recording narration. (CBS- Feb...

UPDATE July 17th:   Almost a month after reports of failing health, Walter Cronkite has died.

My father, Walter Cronkite, died,” his son Chip said just before 8 p.m. Eastern. CBS interrupted prime time programming to show an obituary for the man who defined the network’s news division for decades. Read an obituary by Douglas Martin here.

Mr. Cronkite’s family said last month that he was seriously ill with cerebrovascular disease.

Walter Cronkite, Iconic Anchorman, Dies – The New York Times

He will be missed.  Video highlights here…

*                              *                              *                              *

From June 19th, when reports surfaced that Cronkite was gravely ill:

This news comes as events in Tehran continue to unfold live through a Twitter stream by ‘new journalist’ @persiankiwi.

The contrasts are stark, and yet perhaps not so different.  At the core lies  integrity and truth in reporting.  Authenticity. Platforms change, but the rest should not.

We will hear “end of an era” more times than we can count.  This time, though, it will be true.

Walter Cronkite, the longtime CBS TV news anchor who was known as “The cronkiteMost Trusted Man in America,” is gravely ill, according to media reports.The Web site cited several unnamed sources at CBS who say that Cronkite, 92, is near death and that the network has begun updating information for his obituary.

via Walter Cronkite: Walter Cronkite reportedly gravely ill –

After the initial news,  Cronkite’s assistant disputed “exaggerated” report

Former CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite isn’t well, but he is not nearly as ill as some web sites are reporting. “His condition is being grossly exaggerated,” Cronkite’s executive assistant Cynthia Dicrocco told us today. “He’s dealing with the challenges of being a 92-year-old man.” Thursday, Media Bistro’s TV Newser blog reported that the legendary newsman was “gravely ill” and perhaps near death. The web site did not cite a source for its information. Dicrocco said Cronkite had been ill recently, but is recuperating at home in New York with his companion Joanna Simon, sister of singer Carly Simon. Dicrocco would not reveal the nature of Cronkite’s illness, saying the family wishes to keep it private. “But it is not true that he’s gravely ill,” she said.

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