Walter Cronkite as viral video

Posted by andreaitis on July 17, 2009

Would Walter Cronkite have imagined an afterlife on YouTube?  For those too old to forget and those too young to remember, this is how Walter Cronkite lives on:

Announcing JFK’s death

[youtubevid id=”2K8Q3cqGs7I”]

Reporting on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King

[youtubevid id=”cmOBbxgxKvo”]

Reflecting on the Lunar Landing

[youtubevid id=”HwaA-hbvYF8&feature=fvst”]

Finally, Walter Cronkite on What’s My Line

[youtubevid id=”c6_RHxArgp8″]

A news conscience, ever present.  He will be missed.


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