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Office of self promotion: T/S founder named to Silicon Alley 100 list

Posted by andreaitis on December 9, 2009

Here’s LD, clocking in at #42 on Silicon Alley Insider’s annual top 100 list.  This year, the list actually goes up to 113 and represents “people in the NYC digital community who did really cool stuff.”

No worries, world.   Our collective T/S ego remains in check.  And if it dares to swell a bit we simply have to pull up the other Silicon Alley Insider story about us, the one that called us boring five minutes after our alpha launch.

Ok, that’s not fair.  It was more like 12 hours after we launched.

Seriously – on behalf of LD – we’re excited to make the list.  Thanks, SAI.

dvorkin 2009 silicon alley 100_12-9-2009 12-48-02 PM

Top 50. Not too shabby, LD.


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Let the f-bomb meme begin

Posted by andreaitis on September 30, 2009

We’ve had, what, three accidental  f-bombs caught on tape  in the past 10 days?  What the f**k is up with that??

Exhibit A:  New York news anchor Ernie Anastos is all Winner, Winner…fu**kin’ chicken dinner.

[youtubevid id=”PdnXYWSa56w”]

Exhibit B:   If ‘SNL’ f-bomb is a gift from heaven, then Jenny Slate is the newest fu**kin’ angel.

[youtubevid id=”F1uRsr3-ttc”]

Exhibit C:  Kentucky’s potty-mouthed Democrat Lt. Governor says you can take this job and f**k it.

[youtubevid id=”lCVo1IWMmwc”]

Are there others?  Send ’em in and I’ll add to the meme stream.

F-bombs away.


More ammunition coming in from the troops.

@David Wexelblat: Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz with the casually  stealthy f-bomb.

[youtubevid id=”oISTsl0MyH8″]

@Alicia Leith:  a local news reporter cracks when a bug flies right into his mouth while he’s taping a standup.

“I’m dying in this fu**kin’ country-ass fu**ked up town.”

[youtubevid id=”BUS6nKpddec”]

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