Let the f-bomb meme begin

Posted by andreaitis on September 30, 2009

We’ve had, what, three accidental  f-bombs caught on tape  in the past 10 days?  What the f**k is up with that??

Exhibit A:  New York news anchor Ernie Anastos is all Winner, Winner…fu**kin’ chicken dinner.

[youtubevid id=”PdnXYWSa56w”]

Exhibit B:   If ‘SNL’ f-bomb is a gift from heaven, then Jenny Slate is the newest fu**kin’ angel.

[youtubevid id=”F1uRsr3-ttc”]

Exhibit C:  Kentucky’s potty-mouthed Democrat Lt. Governor says you can take this job and f**k it.

[youtubevid id=”lCVo1IWMmwc”]

Are there others?  Send ’em in and I’ll add to the meme stream.

F-bombs away.


More ammunition coming in from the troops.

@David Wexelblat: Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz with the casually  stealthy f-bomb.

[youtubevid id=”oISTsl0MyH8″]

@Alicia Leith:  a local news reporter cracks when a bug flies right into his mouth while he’s taping a standup.

“I’m dying in this fu**kin’ country-ass fu**ked up town.”

[youtubevid id=”BUS6nKpddec”]


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  2. […] andreaitis – – Let the f-bomb meme begin – True/Slant […]

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