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In other Howard Stern news: Gabourey Sidibe 'most enormous fat black chick I've ever seen' – Internets shocked and appalled

Posted by andreaitis on March 10, 2010

Actress Gabourey Sidibe at the Oscars in March 2010 (Getty Images)

Actress Gabourey Sidibe at the Oscars in March 2010 (Getty Images)

Howard Stern is having a banner week so far.   While he’s snagging headlines for his Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant, he’s also getting slammed for his comments about Precious star and Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe.

Howard Stern’s saying something shocking! (Shocker, right?) Today his target is Precious’s Gabourey Sidibe. “There’s the most enormous, fat black chick I’ve ever seen. She is enormous. Everyone’s pretending she’s a part of show business and she’s never going to be in another movie.” And on Oprah Winfrey: “Oprah’s another liar, a filthy liar. She’s telling an enormous woman the size of a planet that she’s going to have a career.”

We should note Gaby just landed a role on Showtime’s The Big C.

via Link Party: Howard Stern Calls Gabourey Sidibe Enormous – E! Online

The twitter is overwhelmingly buzzing with those who are eternally offended.

kyledeb Howard Stern is a jerk. I’m watching the movie “Precious” now just to spite him and support Gabourey Sidibe. #sexism

Legacy_Maker the fact that people like howard stern are allowed to exist in this industry frightens me! he’s the epitome of an ASS!!

Zazochi Howard Stern Not A Fan Of Precious Star Gabourey Sidibe: via Stern being the loser dick he is.

In the midst of the stream, though, a drop of reason.

Cocoabella Howard Stern was a douche about it– but there was some truth to what he was saying.

Listen up, people.  Howard Stern is known for saying out loud what everyone else is thinking.  That’s his gig, we’ve all known that for years.  If you don’t like it, change the channel.  Cancel your subscription.  Turn it off.  But please do not sit there and tell me you didn’t think to yourself, “Wow.  Gaby is pretty large.”   It’s a fact.  She’s way overweight, and that’s not healthy.

[daylifegallery id=”1268327575771″]

I would guess 99% of those who are upset about Stern’s words didn’t actually listen to the clip.  Was it nice?  No.  Does Howard Stern have the right to say it?  Of course.  Just as Tony Kornheiser had the right to say Hannah Storm’s outfit was “horrible.” We have the right to free speech, not nice speech.

Is it really that awful?  Listen for yourself before you decide:

[youtubevid id=”JVzv-SmPtbU”]


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Jamie Jungers wins Howard Stern’s Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant

Posted by andreaitis on March 10, 2010

For the first time in a very long time, I miss Howard Stern.

I used to listen to Howard and the gang on WXRK in New York,  way back when commuters carried Sony Walkmen and still read newspapers.   In 2006 Howard moved to Sirius satellite radio, and I moved on.  I’ve thought about Howard over the years, but mostly with nostalgia and fond memories.  Until today, when my Tweetdeck informed me of the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant.   I felt a pang, a sudden craving for the Howard I used to know and love.  So I did the next logical thing:  I googled.  And, lo and behold, Howard spoke to me from the inner workings of the internets as the story popped up reported by Jewish Business Magazine.  What?!?  I mean, who even knew existed let alone would be a source of Howard Stern’s Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant news and information?  So, I googled some more and found the press release from JBM’s “successful launch.”

Andrew Cohn, decided to launch the Jewish Business Magazine to fill the need to connect the worldwide Jewish business community for Jewish business discourse and debate, Jewish business news, Jewish business networking events, Jewish business advice and tips and profiles of Jewish business leaders, executives, professionals and Jewish-owned Businesses.

That’s 7 Jewishes in a single sentence.   Certainly a publication ripe for Howard-worthy mockery.  Give them the benefit of the doubt, I thought.   Perhaps their Howard Stern coverage falls under the category of  Jewish business news or, um, Jewish discourse and debate.

What have we learned from the Howard Stern’s interview with the girls of the Tiger Woods Beauty Pageant?

Howard Stern is the greatest interviewer of all time, and the King of All Media.

On March 10, Howard hosted the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant with Jaime Jungers, Loredana Jolie and Jaime Grubbs.

The winner received $75,000 courtesy of Ashley Madison, which is a dating site for people in a relationship and want to have an affair.

via Howard Stern’s Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant | Jewish Business Magazine

Not a very auspicious beginning,   I chased down googled the story one last time.  I had to know: what did we really (allegedly) learn from the Tiger Woods Beauty Pageant?

Reader/blogger Todd Dery from Waiting for Next Year chipped in with these highlights:

LAS VEGAS - FEBRUARY 13:  Jamie Jungers hosts ...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

– Tiger didn’t use condoms with Jungers for 18 months. Jolie said he did and she was sleeping with him for two years. Tiger’s nickname for Jamie Jungers: “Jamie Juicers.” Think about it.

– Tiger flew Jamie Jungers COACH on Southwest to see him! Dude is a zillionaire.

– Tiger asked her about a three-some, but she said, ‘if your wife is involved’ and Tiger never brought it up again.

– Jungers was with Tiger in bed the night that his father passed away. She said he went to the hospital earlier in the day to visit his dad, and then later that night, he and Jungers had sex. She claims Tiger call the call about his

dad’s passing around 2 am.

– Jolie said Tiger was “very into role playing” he would put a suit on, then go into a room with “several” naked chicks and he’d order these chicks to do stuff in front of them.

– Jolie said she “dated” Michael Jordan and Bruce Willis and that Tiger’s penis was larger than Jordan’s.

– Jaimie Grubbs was up third. First thing right off the bat – she banged Tiger two days after the birth of his kid!

– Grubbs did not Tiger was married when they met, and he was not wearing a ring. It took him three days to kiss her. “A lot of 8th grade flirting, he was definitely shy.”

– Grubbs said Tiger called her “skinny fat” because she ate like a “fat person” but was skinny.

– Grubbs thought that he would leave Elin for her. After she found out he was married, she didn’t see him for a year and he continued to text her and begged to see her. Meanwhile she was 21 when all of this was going down.

via Jamie Jungers Wins Howard Stern’s “Tiger Woods Beauty Pageant” — The Big Lead

In the dramatic final moments of the pageant, Jamie Jungers was crowned the winner.   A dubious title, certainly, but also a reminder of why Howard Stern still reigns.  This def goes into the greatest hits album.

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Did Sacha Baron Cohen rip off Howard Stern?

Posted by andreaitis on June 5, 2009

Bruno sits on Eminems Face!

I’m having flash-backs (so to speak).  It’s 1992 and I’m watching the MTV Video Music Awards.   Suddenly, everyone looks up: it’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s…Fartman!!  He descended from the rafters, flying with cheeks bared in all of his fartastic glory.

Seventeen years later, enter Bruno at the MTV Movie Awards. He descended from the rafters, flying with cheeks bared in all of his fawntastic glory.


Sacha Baron Cohen may have had a more dramatic landing in Eminem’s lap, but Howard Stern did pretty well with Luke Perry.  Let’s go to the videotape…

Howard Stern’s Fartman, MTV Video Music Awards 1992

[youtubevid id=S3Zq2HzJH6s]

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno, MTV Movie Awards 2009

[youtubevid id=sfK6Ni62Lco]

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Howard Stern: Open Mouth, Insert Palm Pre

Posted by andreaitis on March 31, 2009

Good, old fashioned use-your-noggin PR still exists.  Someone at Palm heard Howard Stern talking about getting a new cellphone, and lickety-split they rang up and offered him a personal preview of the Palm Pre.  And, when I say ‘rang up’ I mean called him.  On the phone.  Tweet that, Twitter.

It’s a very public test case for the Pre and Palm is working the celebrity circuit to get a little iPhone-ish type buzz. The downside: It could also be disastrous if the Pre isn’t easy to use. Let’s face it Stern isn’t exactly as savvy as the Engadget gang.

Palm is getting Stern a demo Pre delivered to his home with a hands-on tutorial and then taking the top secret device away.

via Palm chases biggest mouth (Howard Stern) for Pre word of mouth marketing | Between the Lines |

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