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Howard Stern: Open Mouth, Insert Palm Pre

Posted by andreaitis on March 31, 2009

Good, old fashioned use-your-noggin PR still exists.  Someone at Palm heard Howard Stern talking about getting a new cellphone, and lickety-split they rang up and offered him a personal preview of the Palm Pre.  And, when I say ‘rang up’ I mean called him.  On the phone.  Tweet that, Twitter.

It’s a very public test case for the Pre and Palm is working the celebrity circuit to get a little iPhone-ish type buzz. The downside: It could also be disastrous if the Pre isn’t easy to use. Let’s face it Stern isn’t exactly as savvy as the Engadget gang.

Palm is getting Stern a demo Pre delivered to his home with a hands-on tutorial and then taking the top secret device away.

via Palm chases biggest mouth (Howard Stern) for Pre word of mouth marketing | Between the Lines |

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Something to Phone Home About…

Posted by andreaitis on February 19, 2009

I need a new phone.  Actually, I don’t neeeed one.  I just want one.  And it takes me forever to decide which new phone is the right new phone for me. But now I can torment all of you in the process.  I’ve resisted the Blackberry so far, and was considering the Treo Pro….but I might have to reconsider my reconsideration for reconsidering…

Let the casual users have their touch screens; the BlackBerry Curve 8900 is all about the keyboard. This new version of the original T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve has a 3.2-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi connectivity and all the e-mail features that make BlackBerry popular with businesspeople.


The four-ounce phone is considerably thinner than the older model. It supports most major e-mail providers and can connect to AOL, Yahoo and Windows Live instant messaging. This model also has GPS functions with turn-by-turn directions and audio and video playback. Research in Motion, its maker, has also improved the screen resolution and improved the interface and browser.

A New BlackBerry Curve Loaded With Features –

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