T/S Exclusive: Tea Party leader Mark Williams responds to earring controversy

Posted by andreaitis on September 16, 2009

I’ve been investigating right-wing Tea Party leader and talk show regular Mark Williams.  Oh, not about him calling President Obama an “Indonesian Muslim” or “welfare thug” or “racist in chief.”    No, there are plenty of other people covering that.

I’ve been looking into a tip from a True/Slant member suggesting there’s  a liberal side to this ultra-conservative.

The question posed:  Does Mark Williams wear an earring?

I did some research and followed the leads.   And then I sent Mark Williams a message on Facebook.

He responded less than 12 hours later:

Mark Williams Facebook Response 9-16-2009 10-28-59 AM

Confirmation, straight from the source.   Right-winger Mark Williams has what many would call a lefty-liberal ‘lobe, a pierced ear adorned with an onyx stud.

mark williams 3 9-15-2009 11-59-08 AM

Now that we’re Facebook friends, I sent Mark a couple of follow-up questions asking when and why.

Investigative journalism lives on.


My new bFf  (best Facebook friend) Mark Williams just responded with the complete story behind his pierced ear.

I asked: when, why and is there any significance to the onyx stud?

He answered: 20 years ago on an alcohol-induced dare from a “sweet young thing,” and the onyx stud was a gift from his wife Holly (who pointed out the earring in the picture is actually his sapphire).

The best info, tho, is that Mark Williams also has a turquoise Thunderbird earring that he wore to Vegas when his wife had a role in a David Cassidy video.

Hmm.  Ultra-conservative outspoken Obama-hating Tea Party leader Mark Williams is not sounding all that conservative right about now.

Here are the actual Facebook messages:

mark williams facebook 2 9-16-2009 12-35-36 PM

I believe my work here is done.

  • Do you know how to set up LinkedIn so my blog shows on there? I activated Blog link but it only seems to be pulling in other people’s blogs instead of my own.
  • I now have a Blackberry. Can we try to set it up so I can upload to True/Slant from it.
  • Is  there a way to protect my photos so they aren’t “stolen.” So I can at least get credit for the photos I’m taking and posting on the blog. I wasn’t sure if there was a way to watermark them or imbed them.
  • What is the best way to set up posts on a timer. I’m writing at odd hours that aren’t always the best for traffic views.

4 Responses to “T/S Exclusive: Tea Party leader Mark Williams responds to earring controversy”

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  2. I still have two earring holes from mistakes I removed back in 95, so I don’t judge the initial lapse. But we – left and right – must call on him to remove and denounce the stud so that this country can move forward.

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  4. andreaitis said

    JC – don’tcha think the alcohol-dare-vegas-david-cassidy-video elements paint a different picture of Mark Williams the angry teabagger? It actually sounds like he’d be fun to chat with over some drinks.

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