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Google's social search circle jerk

Posted by andreaitis on October 27, 2009

This March 25, 2008 file photo shows the sign ...

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Everything’s coming up search (again):  context and filtering through real-time search,  Twitter search,  social  search, Friendfeed,  people-powered search, etc etc.

So when Google launched its Social Search project in G-Labs yesterday, I was pretty excited to check it out.   I was all set for the test drive:   in one tab,  I clicked over and joined the experiment;  in another tab, I opened search  jedi master Danny Sullivan’s thorough review of Social Search.

One thing I love about the new service is how it makes use of the “social circle” term rather than “social graph,” a phrase more popular in 2007 and 2008 but which doesn’t really explain much to people. Social circle makes sense — these are people you are connected with. They’re in your “circle” of friends.

So far so good. I agree about use of the phrase Social Circle.   I never really understood Social Graph, and now I no longer have to  nod along in faux deep concentration while someone blathers on about the Social Graph.   So thank you for that, Google.

But how does Google know what your social circle is, in order to produce the social search results? Three methods, the company told me, when I talked with Google about the service:

* Your Google Reader account

* Your Google Chat / Gmail Contacts

* Your Google Profile

Okay, I read this part thinking ‘check, check, and check.’   I’ve got all that.  And then I did some testing.   Lame.  Hardly any social search results.  After the first few searches, I realized my downfall:  I have all that and more.  Multiple email addresses, some from way before Gmail existed.   My Gmail account never became my primary email address, and that is my social search downfall.  According to fellow T/S’er Kashmir Hill, it may also bring me domain shame and detract from my cool-ness, but I can live with that.   What I can’t live with is this Social Search limbo.

Do I need to change my email addresses at Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed and  Flickr (to start)?

What if I merge my other email addresses into Gmail, will that solve my social search situation?

What about my email domain through Google Apps?

Is this yet again Google’s way of making me bow to its omnipotence on its march to world domination?

Am I just completely socially searchingly inept?

Head over to the Google lab and try social searching here.  My self esteem and I look forward to your feedback.


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Google's Search Party

Posted by andreaitis on May 12, 2009

The press got an “insider’s perspective on search” today at Google’s annual Searchology event.   There was  live-blogging, webcasting and twittering galore as Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products and User Experience, and a  team of Googlers gathered in building 40 at the Googleplex.

Udi Manber kicks the event off saying “our job is to do rocket science that will be taken for granted.” But, he adds, “there is still a lot of work to do.”

He continues talking about growth throughout the centuries. “In the 20th century,” he explains, the dream was to conquer nature; I think the 21st centure will be about understanding people.”

“We have made a lot of progress, and you’ll see some more today. But, the most promising advance is that we are starting to ‘understand.'”

“We have very high confidence that this is what you’re looking for. It’s actually hard to do, but it looks easy to you.”

“Search has to be lightening fast, relevant comprehensive fresh, but the main point is that even that is not enough.”

He ends by juggling three eggs. Then saying “I wanted to highlight that things are not always what they seem,” he throws the eggs, and they bounce off the stage.

via Searchology: State of the Union of Search at Google – ReadWriteWeb.

During the event, Google announced three new search products coming soon:  Google Squared, Rich Snippets and a new Android application called Sky Map.  They also revealed that they had seen an early version of the much-anticipated Wolfram, a “computational knowledge engine” launching this month.

A little competition would be a good thing, for all of us…

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Twitter Baby-Stepping on Google's Turf?

Posted by andreaitis on March 6, 2009

There is pretty much no middle ground for Twitter.  My unscientific study tells me people either get it or they don’t, end-of-story.  But I’m saying, either way, don’t dismiss it.  Twitter is on to something  And not just the “i yawned’ kind of blip messaging. It’s early, and we’re seeing it evolve live and in person….but this new focus on search and trending is interesting for both consumers and advertisers.  Think of the potential as usage grows…


Twitter appears to be in the process of rolling out its integrated search feature with a search box and a trends button appearing on some user profiles today. While the feature is not yet available to all users, our guess is that it’s very much on the way – and soon.

The trends tab offers a drop down list of top ten trending topics (Chris Brown being the current most discussed topic), and the search box allows you to search in real time on any topic. Refresh your screen to see if you have the option yet, or take a look at our screen shots below.

Twitter Begins Rolling Out Search and Trends – ReadWriteWeb

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