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Microsoft's Vine takes on Twitter, Facebook and Google

Posted by andreaitis on April 28, 2009

Microsoft Vine

One minute Oprah is the Internet’s new Tweetheart, the next minute hard-core twitterers are grumbling.  It’s like when hordes of people invade your favorite secluded beach spot.  Usually that means it’s time to find a new favorite secluded beach spot.  Enter Microsoft, and a new product called Vine.  It’s in early beta testing in Seattle, but it looks like they’ve zeroed in on core needs with the easy messaging of Twitter, the contacts and connections of Facebook, and the local news and Latitude of Google.  If it works better than Internet Explorer (a low bar),  it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.   Could this be the next big thing?

Vine is designed to keep family and friends in touch when other communication methods are either broken or not particularly efficient. Times of crisis usually involve a breakdown in mobile phone or other key communication infrastructures, and Vine is designed to be as hardy as possible to keep people connected. Vine can be accessed via a desktop client (Windows only for now), text message or email.

So what is it? Vine is a tool keep people connected during a crisis, but it’s also used to for more mundane, everyday tasks. My guess is it will hit a sweet spot with the masses. My parents, for example, are going to love this.

via TechCrunch:  Microsoft Vine To Connect Family, Friends When Crisis Hits

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Facebook’s “In-House Sociologist” Shares Stats on Users’ Social Behavior

Posted by andreaitis on February 27, 2009

Digital + Sociology = Digitology.  An interesting start…

However, in a recent interview with The Economist, Cameron Marlow, a research scientist at Facebook, shared some interesting stats on Facebook users’ social behavior patterns.

His findings: while many people have hundreds friends on Facebook, they still only communicate with a small few. Or to quote the author of the article, “Humans may be advertising themselves more efficiently. But they still have the same small circles of intimacy as ever.”

Facebook’s “In-House Sociologist” Shares Stats on Users’ Social Behavior

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Talk About Direct Marketing…Zuckerberg, Exhibit A

Posted by andreaitis on February 18, 2009

It’s this simple: Mark Zuckerberg talks to — and with — his users.  Right or wrong, he confronts the issues head on and sounds…human.  Human, imagine that.  From my perspective, his authenticity works with both consumers and the media.

Facebook Reverses Course, Pulls Terms of Use

Earlier this week, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had updated its terms of use to clarify that information you share outside of your own profile — like posts written on friends’ Walls, replies to their status updates, or messages you send via the site’s messaging service – will remain on Facebook even if you delete your account.

“We think this is the right way for Facebook to work, and it is consistent with how other services like e-mail work,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Monday blog post.

Some Facebook members were not in agreement.

Zuckerberg promised that the site’s next terms of use will be a “substantial revision from where we are now.” There is now a group – Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities – where Facebook members can add their input on what the terms of use should include.

Facebook Reverses Course, Pulls Terms of Use – News and Analysis by PC Magazine

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Trust, But Verify?

Posted by andreaitis on February 17, 2009

Mark Zuckerberg talking on Facebook (of course) about the change in their terms of use.  He actually calls it a clarification, and I believe it is.  The snippet below stood out for me as I read through Zuckerberg’s post:

In reality, we wouldn’t share your information in a way you wouldn’t want. The trust you place in us as a safe place to share information is the most important part of what makes Facebook work. Our goal is to build great products and to communicate clearly to help people share more information in this trusted environment.

On Facebook, People Own and Control Their Information | Facebook.

So I got to thinking:  Who do I trust more, Facebook or Google?  I’ve put off trying Google Latitude yet just because it’s one more avenue for Google to invade my space.  Yes, yes, I’m inviting Google into my space.  But by now, Google probably knows more about me than my mother (minus that incident sophomore year).  Google sometimes gives me the creeps; Facebook does not.  Maybe it’s because I am largely in control of the information I’m putting into Facebook, so I know what they can pull out.  Not entirely the same with Google.  I feel like there are boundaries around my Facebook experience, and I can go beyond those or not, at my discretion.  I pretty much know what Mark Zuckerberg plans to do, at least at a high level.  Google, on the other hand, seems all about breaking boundaries and connecting information whether I want it connected or not.  Google’s overall intentions are still unknown, a giant galactic vacuum sucking up bits of me from here and there.  And I’m not sure how they’ll piece it all together just yet.

So, we can’t really verify.  Which means it does, in the end, come down to trust.  It all made me think of, well, Ronald Reagan first…but then Elvis Costello:

“You said you’d stand by me in the middle of Chapter Three
But you were up to your old tricks in Chapters Four, Five and Six”

Dare ya to sing along with me.

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Status Quo for Maryland Legislators

Posted by andreaitis on February 11, 2009

Can’t wait to see all their status messages…

Five days after sparking protests from lawmakers over his decision to block access to the popular networking site from legislative computers, the head of the assembly’s information technology office said yesterday that he will reopen access to Facebook in the next day or two.

Legislators Log Back On To Facebook –

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jew knew?!?

Posted by andreaitis on July 17, 2008

we all feel big brother breathing down our necks these days, with the court case featuring google / youtube vs viacom, loopt’s gps privacy fumbles, and the aclu taking on the foreign intelligence surveillance act (fisa).

and then, just when i thought i could fear no more,  i stumbled across david berkowitz’s blog post.  it was prompted by this ad on facebook:

facebook using jewdar targeting?

facebook using jewdar targeting?

david jumped right on this schmear campaign….sorry, couldn’t help myself.   ;-j   but it’s good reading.

he asked the penetrating question: does facebook know i’m jewish??  see the answer in his blog post, and more in his column on the chutzpah of facebook’s jewdar.

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