Talk About Direct Marketing…Zuckerberg, Exhibit A

Posted by andreaitis on February 18, 2009

It’s this simple: Mark Zuckerberg talks to — and with — his users.  Right or wrong, he confronts the issues head on and sounds…human.  Human, imagine that.  From my perspective, his authenticity works with both consumers and the media.

Facebook Reverses Course, Pulls Terms of Use

Earlier this week, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had updated its terms of use to clarify that information you share outside of your own profile — like posts written on friends’ Walls, replies to their status updates, or messages you send via the site’s messaging service – will remain on Facebook even if you delete your account.

“We think this is the right way for Facebook to work, and it is consistent with how other services like e-mail work,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Monday blog post.

Some Facebook members were not in agreement.

Zuckerberg promised that the site’s next terms of use will be a “substantial revision from where we are now.” There is now a group – Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities – where Facebook members can add their input on what the terms of use should include.

Facebook Reverses Course, Pulls Terms of Use – News and Analysis by PC Magazine

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