Mobile Music: Pandora is coming to your car

Posted by andreaitis on December 8, 2009

Shall I go with puns like ‘Opening Pandora’s Box’ and ‘Sirius Trouble’ or simply say yay, Pandora?  I love Pandora.  If you’ve never tried the music site, go to and try it right now.  G’head, I’ll wait.

pandora 12-8-2009 4-58-57 PM

A great product doesn’t just meet your expectations, it exceeds them.  Pandora is both functional and elegant.  They’ve integrated advertising in a classy and reasonable manner.   They have cool tech that enhances the value, giving me more of the music I want to hear (rather than cool simply for the sake of cool).  They are humble and scrappy and whole-heartedly believe in what they’re doing.  And, as this news confirms, they’re smart.  They are not looking at music today, but music tomorrow.  Music that is mobile, that moves with me wherever I go.

Within a few years, new cars will have Pandora built in and “bundled with either the price of the car or services associated with the car,” he said, ramping up competition with subscription-based satellite radio providers as well as terrestrial radio broadcasters. While he wouldn’t commit to a time frame for the first implementations, and automotive innovation cycles are notoriously long, Conrad hinted that some relevant announcements could be coming out of next month’s CES event in Las Vegas.

Pandora has already succeeded in seamlessly moving from a desktop service to a mobile one, with smartphone adoption driving significant subscriber growth. Having cheated the hangman and stabilized its cost structure this summer, thanks to a licensing agreement forged after an arduous negotiation process, Pandora has the financial runway and the confidence to act on its mobile advantage and expand into the car radio market. After all, isn’t your car another mobile device you rely on?

via Pandora Is Coming to Your Car – GigaOM

I’m in, Pandora.    Baby you can drive my car.

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5 Responses to “Mobile Music: Pandora is coming to your car”

  1. Bill Barol said

    This would be a swell feature. For what it’s worth, I share my love between Pandora and Slacker, and find that Slacker may even have the edge in the depth of its catalog. Both are really, really good services, though, and well worth the paid upgrades from the (already-great) free versions.

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  4. andreaitis said

    I’ve always liked Pandora’s clean design more than Slacker’s look/feel, but based on the BB stamp of approval I’m giving Slacker another shot.

    • Bill Barol said

      @Andrea– Yes. Slacker has this weird Ed Hardy thing going on in terms of design, and the web interface is a little tough to figure out. (There’s a desktop app, but it’s Win-only.) Pandora’s web interface is much cleaner, and the desktop app works beautifully. I find myself switching back and forth between ’em.

      Say, enjoy my Slacker Northern Soul station, won’t you?

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