Deny no more: AP Stylebook includes Twitter

Posted by andreaitis on June 12, 2009

AP Stylebook, 2004 edition

Image via Wikipedia

As if the media bandwagon needed more incentive to jump – or more proof of the need to experiment, adapt and change – the bible for newsrooms everywhere has now legitimized Twitter.

Twitter, the social networking tool that has turned millions of people around the world into instant micro-bloggers, has made it into the 2009 edition of The Associated Press Stylebook, along with complicated business terms such as credit default swaps and derivatives that have gained more exposure amid the global recession.

Twitter, the Middle Eastern eggplant dish baba ghanoush and texting as a verb are among more than 60 new or updated entries in the new AP Stylebook, which includes more business, food, medical and Arabic terms and expanded information on major U.S. and international companies.

via Associated Press

Of course, CNN was way ahead of this curve.


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