The Emerging Media Model: Sound Familiar?

Posted by andreaitis on March 20, 2009

San Francisco Gate columnist Mark Morford sums up the recent future-of-news thinking from the geek gurus.  His conclusion, like theirs: no one really knows what will be.  But he imagines the perfect media mashup.    Here’s to having it all.

Maybe the emerging media model — if “model” is, in fact, the right word and not, say, “mind-numbingly fickle and infuriating hellspawn Charybdis noisemaker” — will have it all: the best aspects of experimental social networking (Shirky), a rich variety of voices (Winer), journalistic expertise where you need it most (Johnson), lots of solid credibility surrounding an inspired social narrative (um, me), a glorious new gadget to read it all on (Apple) — and, most importantly of all, huge numbers of active, engaged readers and communities willing pay for it all.

via Die, newspaper, die? / The geek gurus all weigh in on the end of dead-tree media. Are they wrong?.


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