The Reboot of Journalism

Posted by andreaitis on March 19, 2009

Dave Winer was at the forefront of blogs, RSS and podcasting.   His take on the state of journalism is a bit different because his perspective is inside out, but the inside is from the tech side rather than the print side.  So, to his point, we are not at the beginning of the Journalism transformation.  Technology has been leading us here for quite some time.  And where will we go?  It’s kind of like porn: we’ll know it when we see it.

In 1994 we didn’t know what the new journalism would look like, and we still don’t, but we knew some essential elements, perhaps the essential element — the sources go direct. It’s the thing the Internet does to all intermediaries, it disses them. It happened to travel agents, realtors, classified ads, all kinds of shopping, and it’s happened to news too. Permalink to this paragraph

As with everything new, to see it you have to jump out of your skin and look at the situation from the new body, not the old one. Imagine what news would look like once the limits of the past are erased by the technology of the new. It’s been knowable for many years, but some didn’t want to look. But if you did look, as millions, if you weren’t one of the gatekeepers; rather you were one of the people they gates were meant to keep out — there was no problem seeing how it would shape up. Now we’re there, we’re not at the beginning, we’re already far along.

via The reboot of journalism (Scripting News).


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