Yes, But Is Anyone Actually Getting a Job through LinkedIn?

Posted by andreaitis on February 14, 2009

That’s my question.  It’s no surprise the traffic has grown, or that recommendations are up within LinkedIn.  I want to see the data that shows it really helps, not just makes us feel like we’re helping ourselves. Show me how many people have actually gotten jobs through LinkedIn, and then I’ll say there’s true value.  Plus, talk about an ad campaign waiting to happen…

As The Economy Sours, LinkedIn’s Popularity Grows

As layoffs continued to pound the economy in January, one beneficiary was job networking site LinkedIn. According to the latest January data from comScore, the LinkedIn’s U.S. unique visitors shot up 22 percent to 7.7 million, up from 6.3 million in December. Total minutes spent on the site doubled in January to 96.8 million, from 47.6 million in December.

As The Economy Sours, LinkedIn’s Popularity Grows.


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