the google garden

Posted by andreaitis on September 2, 2008

google chromes microsoft

google chromes microsoft

a heated debate raging on techcrunch today over the pronouncement that google’s imminently-launching browser will, in effect, kill windows.    if that prediction comes true, it would certainly be a slow and agonizing death.  windows still has over 70% of the browser market.

besides, there’s nothing to fear here.  google announced it with a comic book. see?  they’re funny and quirky, those googlers.

except…there’s something uncomfortable here.  like the walls are closing in, despite the trumpeting of openness, the “do no evil” mantra.  they have me surrounded. gmail…gtalk…docs…youtube…search…googlemaps…targeted ads…and so on.

they probably know me better than anyone else — whether i want them to or not.  and i’m not the only one who’s worried.

gigaom says: Not having seen Chrome, I will withhold any final judgement myself, but I would look at the privacy implications of Chrome very, very carefully. I have long since stopped buying into the “do no evil” drivel the company keeps espousing.

having come from the walled gardens of aol, i know the signs.  blugh.  i have to go.  gotta google ‘claustrophobic’ now…

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One Response to “the google garden”

  1. dypark said

    I remember being at Netscape when we announced we’d replace Windows with Constellation browser.

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