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Friendfeed: New version today @ 9 am pst

Posted by andreaitis on April 6, 2009

Friendfeed has been flying under the radar, lurking in the shadow of Twitter and Facebook.  This morning the clouds will part and a new version of Friendfeed will emerge.  It was demo’d to bloggers, and  reviews and videos of that demo will be available in a few hours.  In the meantime, Robert Scoble has  already weighed in with a “not so much” reaction.  He does, however, have a smart, succinct list of product requirements for Twitter 2012: Filtering, Groups, Messaging and Location.

If something like the Hudson plane crash happens in Twitter 2012, I want to draw a box around New York and tell Twitter “only show me Tweets from inside this box.” To do that Twitter will need more metadata. In this case, location of where Tweets are being sent from (Twitter could easily get that from my iPhone’s GPS or use my Internet provider’s data to get detail on where my location is).

What else might I like in Twitter 2012?

See the list of six must-have Twitter features @ Scobleizer

Here on T/S, we’ve had an ongoing debate over the value of Twitter.   Read Scoble’s list and then tell me: would you use that kind of Twitter?


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