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NYT editor started reading 'mostly digital news' 3 weeks ago. Contemplating cellular phone next.

Posted by andreaitis on October 20, 2009

The headline caught my eye:  Bill Keller trying to read the Times “mostly in digital forms”.

Aged news.  That’s my first thought.  I mean, The Daily Show’s Jason Jones took New York Times Executive Editor Bill  Keller d-o-w-n when TDS invaded the NYT newsroom.

“Trying.”   That’s my second thought.  He’s trying to read the New York Times in digital form? I mean, how hard can it be?

Poorly written headline.  That’s my third thought.  I must be misreading that headline.  On to the story:

John Temple, former publisher of the defunct Rocky Mountain News, suggested in July that newspaper editors spend time exclusively reading news on the web, but Keller (and Times managing editor Jill Abramson) are the first I know who have tried it. I emailed Keller to see how the experiment is going, and he obliged with some observations on comprehensiveness, serendipity, and the “balky and drab” experience of reading the Times on a Kindle:

New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller

It’s been about three weeks of consuming my NYT (and competition) mostly in digital forms: desktop (the website proper), TimesReader (on a notebook), iPhone and Kindle. In truth, I cheat some on weekends. I love print, and while this experience is making me appreciate more the versatility and creativity of our web staff, nothing has yet made me love print less.

via Bill Keller trying to read the Times “mostly in digital forms” » Nieman Journalism Lab

Brain overload:

1.  Yes, headline is correct.  He’s trying to read news in digital form…

2.  …for three weeks?  THREE weeks???

3.  Someone had to suggest he do this?!?!?

Love print all you want, Mr. Keller.  I love it, too.  Doesn’t mean I’m clinging to it on the cold hard streets outside the unemployment office which I can’t get into because there’s a long line ahead of other people who loved – and lost – print.   What’s that expression about loving something so much you have to set it free, and if it comes back it’s meant to be?

It’s not coming back, Mr. Keller.   Consider these three weeks your printervention.

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