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One billion reasons not to use Internet Explorer

Posted by andreaitis on July 30, 2009

Mozilla Firefox

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On Friday Firefox is expected to  hit a huge milestone:  one billion browser downloads.  One billion! Say it like Dr. Evil for full effect.   That doesn’t mean one billion people are using Firefox.  Still, it’s a remarkable number when you consider the first release was just five years ago.

Mozilla has a Web site and a Twitter feed where people can keep track of the total. On Thursday afternoon, the feed showed more than 999,180,000 downloads, with about 15 more happening each second.

Mozilla said initially that it expected to hit the billion mark some time over the weekend. An hour later, as the news trickled out and the pace of downloads increased, Mozilla revised its estimate to Friday. An enthusiast Web site with a “Firefox Download Guesstimator” predicts it will reach a billion on Friday at noon GMT.

via Firefox to Hit 1 Billion Downloads Friday – PC World

Let’s put this in perspective.   The one billion number includes all Firefox browser versions since 2004.   The United States Census Bureau estimates the Earth’s population at 6.7 billion.  If we assume people have downloaded 4 versions (with upgrades and all), that means approximately 268 million  people are using Firefox.

Here’s the math:

1 billion divided by 4 divided by 6.7 billion = (rounding up)  4% or 268 million

Now, it’s no secret that I harbor some petulant dislike for Internet Explorer.  It’s the Nicolas Cage of browsers for me:  ever-present but never really delivering what I expect or need and never quite meshing with everything around it.   So you’ll understand if I mark this  Billion Browser Bash as a special occasion.  Hey, I’m sure there will be refreshments and you can bet Firefox will pick up the tabs.

Hah.  Refresh-ments.  Tabs.  Get it?   Internet Explorer wouldn’t even attempt that kind of browser humor.  Okay, I can see how that might be one point in their favor so i’ll just uninstall my pun plugin now…


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What's worse: IE8 or commercials for IE8?

Posted by andreaitis on June 30, 2009

It’s really a toss-up.  An infuriatingly aggravating toss-up.  You see, Internet Explorer is known for its suckage.   If you google “internet explorer sucks” you’ll get the following results:

Why IE Sucks, a site all about the ways in which, y’know, IE sucks.  In case you’re not clear on that, just check the tagline: Internet Explorer sucks ass.  Need reasons? Read on, reader, read on.

IE Sucks•Info, which calls Internet Explorer “the dumb browser” and boldly declares:  Internet Explorer sucks so much, we won’t stop this internet explorer sucks campaign.

IE Death March, encouraging companies to stop supporting IE6 – especially since there are now three versions of IE to support:  IE6, IE7 and IE8.  This site includes a list of things you can’t do in IE6, and things younger than IE6: It came out a few weeks before the Twin Towers fell. It came out before the Nintendo GameCube. It came out before the first iPod.

Beloved, it is not.

So what does Microsoft do?  Let’s see….fix IE to address legit and long-standing techie complaints or spend lots of money creating an oxymoronic ‘viral’ marketing campaign.   Hmm.

Trailing a series of failed and questionable commercials, Microsoft has launched an experimental new advertising campaign. Can Superman, puke jokes, and lolcats make IE cool again?

The new campaign features actor Dean Cain (former Superman from TV’s Lois and Clark) in a series of mock-PSAs, advertising the launch of Internet Explorer 8. Produced by Indiana-based ad agency Bradley and Montgomery, the commercials try hard to be funny in spots like S.H.Y.N.E.S.S. (“Sharing Heavily Yet Not Enough Sharing Still”) poking fun at web users who over-share lolcats, while going for the gross-out factor in O.M.G.I.G.P. (“Oh My God I’m Gonna Puke”) featuring a woman who’s accidently seen her partner’s obscene browser history.

Microsoft’s strange new ads for Internet Explorer –

Well, the campaign launched a couple of weeks ago and is now making the rounds.  The commercial strategy seems to be so-bad-they’re-good.  Except, they’re just so bad.

[youtubevid id=JyQolo0Xdqw]

Chuckling yet?  Try this one:

[youtubevid id=2aA_PEltVTw]

But wait, there’s more:

[youtubevid id=QjUzzxAKs20]

Funnybone still intact?  Last one:

[youtubevid id=8-9Mjm-Hohc]

Hello, Microsoft? You are not 30 Rock or The Office.  And we don’t want you to be.  We just want a browser that works. I appreciate that you’ve partnered with Feeding America to make a donation when someone downloads IE8.  But even they’re not promoting Internet Explorer on their homepage anymore.  I couldn’t find it anywhere prominent on the site and I looked.  Twice.

Oh, Microsoft, I know you launched an official IE8 site specifically to lure us down the path.  But ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley Hughes had a pretty strong rebuttal. And your tagline for this campaign: Browse Better.  Browse Better?!?  Stop with the unfunny video nonsense and fix it so we can browse better.

In the meantime, for everyone else, if you really want to browse better I suggest you try Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

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A Call to Disarm: Deep-six IE6

Posted by andreaitis on March 20, 2009

Call it a browserout.
Listen up, Microsoft: We’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore!  I can barely find enough time to whine about IE7 issues, let alone IE6.   There are pros and cons, of course…but this is a direct shot in the browser war. Will IE6 go down?

Ultimately, the long tail of obsolete browser usage is nothing new: it’s just the level of standards in the rest of the current leading pack that causes frustration when IE6 looms into view. “IE6 is the new Netscape 4,” reasons Jeff Zeldman, one of the main guys responsible in the 1990s for beating browser makers with the standards stick until they started to play ball. He considers that in a perfect world, designing with web standards means not needing to exclude any browser or device. “But in practice, the hacks needed to support IE6 vis-a-vis display and behaviour are increasingly viewed as excess freight. Like Netscape 4 in 2000, IE6 is perceived to be holding back the web. How much longer we prop up this ageing browser must be decided on a case-by-case basis. Not every site can afford to dump it today, but the writing’s on the wall.”

via Bring Down IE 6: Calling time on IE6.

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IE8 Out Today. Will I Need Regular Aspirin or Extra-Strength?

Posted by andreaitis on March 19, 2009

Yes, that’s judgmental.  Especially considering I haven’t even tried Microsoft’s latest browser upgrade.  But, seriously, have you used IE7?

A friend said to me just yesterday: “Internet Explorer is the bane of every CSS developer’s existence.”

So many people using it just because it’s a convenient default browser does not a good product make.

So, with trepidation (and some cautious notes from Walt Mossberg) I will test it out and report back.

IE8 is more stable than IE7, more compatible with industrywide Web standards, and packed with new features that improve navigation, search, ease of use, privacy and security.

Some of these features can’t be matched out of the box by its main rival browsers. For instance, related tabs are color-coded, the search field can show images along with text, you can get instant fly-out maps of place names in Web pages, and you can easily hide your tracks online from the prying eyes of advertisers.

But, in my tests, IE8 wasn’t as fast as Firefox, or two other notable browsers — the Windows version of Apple’s (AAPL) new Safari 4 and Google’s (GOOG) Chrome. IE8 loaded a variety of pages I tested more slowly than any of the other browsers, and it grew sluggish when juggling a large number of Web pages opened simultaneously in tabs

Microsoft Ups Ante With New Browser | Walt Mossberg | Personal Technology | AllThingsD

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