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MySpace'd Out: DeWolfe and Anderson Exit

Posted by andreaitis on April 23, 2009


Image by Oxfam America via Flickr

I’ts official.  Tom, my oldest friend on MySpace, is leaving.  Of course, he’s everyone’s oldest friend on My Space so I shouldn’t take it personally.  Still, this is a significant moment.  A company that was transformative in  social media is changing hands, and Om Malik is right: it is the end of a social networking era.

It’s also a beginning. The timing is, perhaps, most interesting.  On the heels of Facebook’s worst-received redesign and the upswing in Twitter, the playing field is leveling out.  The next move for each company will determine who will get the momentum.  Long-term vision will determine who will keep it.

The clock has been ticking on MySpace and its executives. Earlier this year COO Amit Kapur and two other long time MySpace employees left the company because their they couldn’t get the contracts they wanted. Their exit was spun by the News Corp. After reading various accounts of DeWolfe’s exit, you can see they left Chris out to dry — something I find particularly distasteful.

Regardless, of his exit, there is a strategy in place that could turn MySpace into decent-enough money maker: MySpace Music. By looking to social network’s musical roots, MySpace executives realized that they could build the MTV of the broadband generation. Combining text, audio, video, and social abilities with its audience, MySpace can thrive as a niche-yet lucrative musical destination. A lot has to go right for that to happen.

With MySpace Changes, a Social Networking Era Ends

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