What's with all the Super Bowl ads featuring guys without pants?

Posted by andreaitis on February 7, 2010

American Idol kicked it off with the Pants on the Ground anthem, and now that trend is carrying through to the Super Bowl.   In one commercial break there were two ads — count ’em, TWO —  with a ‘no pants’ theme.   The kicker?  The pants-less were not busty bikini’d blondes, but guys.  Regular, average, everywhere you look guys.

According to industry analysts  CBS gets between $2.5 to $3 million for each 30-second commercial.  Overall, more than $200 million will be spent on Super Bowl ads, including pre-game and post-game.  All this geared toward an anticipated audience of about 100 million people tuning in to see the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints do the Super Bowl shuffle.

So who decides the no-pants thing is the way to go?   You gotta admit, it’s quite a coincidence to see two ads butting up against one another,  both with a ‘less is more’ play.

First it was with Casual Friday:

[youtubevid id=”d1FxwagDP8A”]

That was followed by Dockers with I Wear No Pants:

[youtubevid id=”kiS-2sTFdZ0″]

Add to that one of the funniest ads that didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, from Bud Light:

[youtubevid id=”UXrnV_PoJMU”]

If that’s not enough, allow me to present one final entry in this ass-tastic series of events.  Earlier this week, the funniest new show (sayeth me) Modern Family had an episode titled Moon Landing.  Mm-hmm.   Let the quarter-back, half-back, interception and touchdown jokes begin.

[huluvid id=”ltzHNTr6rULl7yHmNUn4Tw”]

PS: I can’t remember what network it’s on but you can watch Modern Family — and all the Super Bowl ads — on Hulu.   Score.


4 Responses to “What's with all the Super Bowl ads featuring guys without pants?”

  1. Roger Theriault said

    Forgot about this viral video from Nike?

    If those ad guys aren’t careful, the clothing manufacturers will get mad at them.

  2. andreaitis said

    Good addition to the list, Roger. And — AND — I can’t believe I left out Ashton Kutcher whipping his pants off in his SNL monologue on Super Bowl eve. The evidence speaks for itself.

  3. rylly said

    They wouldn’t air a homosexual ad? …and then air all these homosexually suggestive ads? Only people who thought seeing men in their underpants was a super idea have to be men. It was a turn-off.
    Women see men laying around in their shirts and underwear all the time, while the women are cooking and cleaning and taking care of the kids, and wishing he’d put his big boy pants on and help out around the house.

  4. And what’s with all the tighty-whities?

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