China's Entrepreneurial Journalist Hu Shuli

Posted by andreaitis on November 10, 2009

Hu Shuli

How much we take for granted as we all engage in incessant multimedia chatter about the death of newspapers and paywalls and search engines.

This should make us pause for a moment to reflect on bigger battles still being waged and those brave enough to truly fight for freedom of the press.

This is the face of Entrepreneurial Journalism.

The journalist Hu Shuli has often been called “the most dangerous woman in China.” And she may become even more so. As the pioneering editor of China’s most influential business magazine, she managed to publish groundbreaking stories on official ineptitude and financial malfeasance despite China’s tight control of the media. She may be on the verge of even greater freedom after cutting her ties with the owners of her magazine. On Monday, Hu announced that she was resigning from Caijing (Finance and Economics), the publication she built into one of China’s rare voices of journalistic autonomy. Instead, she and a core group of reporters and editors are going to form a new magazine.

via China’s ‘Most Dangerous Woman’ Hu Shuli Gets a New Forum – TIME

Caijing’s managing editor, Wang Shuo,  confirmed on his public  Twitter page that he and almost all the other top editors had  submitted their resignations.  One reporter said, “It doesn’t really matter which publication we work for. We just follow her. That’s it.”

We wish them all the best of luck.


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