True/Slant Beta: What's in it for you?

Posted by andreaitis on June 7, 2009

On July 1st,  LD, Coates and I sat in a room.

End of August, Steve joined us.

In September we started to build…  A few contributors started to post in November… In April we launched our Alpha release… and now, on June 8th, we bring you our True/Slant Beta.

What’s in it for you?

Topics: We now have several places to easily find contributors and content by topic, including a Topics button in the black navigation bar and a By Topic tab in the contributor module, top right on our homepage.

Index pages: Improvements to Contributor, Headline Grabs and RSS pages, including a See All button for an easier way to scan.

Contributor Activity Feeds: Expanded activity feeds on contributor pages so you can follow their new posts, active conversations and see whose comments they’ve called out.

Account area: Log in and click on your name in red at the top of the page to see the new and improved account area.

Ads: Okay, this one’s for us but we’re excited to launch with ads from The Economist.

RSS 2.0 feeds: New and updated feeds available across the site for Topics, Contributors and more.

Search Results: Better searching, better results.  Try it.

New registration process: Simpler and streamlined.

And let’s not forget: Behind-the-scenes updates especially for our 100+ contributors, to make it easier for them to post, share and engage.  Also, behind-the-scenes updates especially for you, to make T/S  faster and stronger.

We consider our Beta release just the beginning.   If you’ve been with us before, we hope you enjoy these updates.   If you’re new to True/Slant, jump in and join us.  Sign up, follow a few contributors and comment on some posts.

Most of all, welcome to True/Slant.


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