New site calls out the twit-wits. And not in a good way.

Posted by andreaitis on May 20, 2009

The hate is on.  Or, perhaps, the mockery, snark and smirk.  Four pretty funny guys have launched Tweeting Too Hard, a site that brings us the “self-importance, pretense, braggadocio—it’s all here and it’s laid bare for the scoffing.”

It’s the Digg of twitter messages, where we in our self-righteous  right-ness get to vote on who’s twittering like a twit-wit.  Because, y’know, OUR twitter messages would certainly never appear there.  Um, right?  Sheesh.  As if we needed more pressure on a measly 140 characters…

Tweeting Too Hard

The concept is simple. You submit and vote for the most blatantly self-absorbed tweets that you see on Twitter. The most popular recent tweets get voted to the top. Like the million of other web sites that offer this sort of voting feature, you can also sort by “newly added,” “randoms,” and “today’s top.”

Tweeting Too Hard: A site for shaming the twitteringly self-important » VentureBeat


One Response to “New site calls out the twit-wits. And not in a good way.”

  1. marcflores said

    Confirmation of social networking as the ultimate tool for narcissists! This is a hilarious service.

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