I Want My M(obile)TV

Posted by andreaitis on April 20, 2009

This is big news: “Washington will be the first U.S. city to get free digital TV broadcasts for mobile devices like cell phones, laptop computers and in-car entertainment systems, broadcasters were set to announce Monday.”

Another extension to make us a more connected society, for better or worse.  Think of the devices, the where and the how of mobile TV.  The new cross-platform experience, from cars, buses and trains to refrigerators to (of course) devices you can take with you, in various sizes.  Think about blending mobile TV with Skype and Twitter.  Think about news coverage and how it can reach areas previously unreached, where people may have cell phones but not TVs.  And think about advertisers who can have a more personal and intimate relationship with device owners through geo-targeting.

Much to think about.  Think big.

Broadcasts using new “mobile DTV” technology are expected to begin in late summer from five stations: local affiliates of CBS, NBC, PBS and Ion and one independent station owned by Fox.

The initial broadcasts will be identical to those beamed to TV sets, including the advertising.

Washington, D.C. will be 1st to get free mobile TV by AP: Yahoo! Tech


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