#AmazonFail: Who's zooming who?

Posted by andreaitis on April 13, 2009

Was the AmazonFail wail heard across the twitterverse the result of a hacker’s prank, a purposeful stunt to call attention to a cause, or a company gaff?  The trend of the day seems to be judge first, ask  later.  You can jump into the fray and follow along as the plot thickens.  One thing’s for sure:  you can fit a lot of self-righteous rigor into 140 characters.  Another thing’s for sure: I bet Amazon’s seeing a pretty nice bump in traffic and (offending) book  sales.

Twitter had a big tizzy yesterday over’s supposed censorship of gay and lesbian titles, did you hear? Just one problem: A well-known hacker has come forward and claimed the whole thing was his prank.

The hacker, known as Weev, with whom we’ve had dealings before the “amazonfail” episode, is saying that the whole escapade was the result of his exploitation of a vulnerability in Amazon’s product-rating tools.

Gawker – Why It Makes Sense That a Hacker’s Behind Amazon’s Big Gay Outrage –


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