Tin Foil as the Cellphone Solution

Posted by andreaitis on March 25, 2009

A crafty editor made a tin foil snuggie for his iPhone to stop the dreaded buzzing.  Now, if only we can find a  solution for people who insist on chattering incessantly in public restrooms.  No matter what they’re doing, no matter who else is around.  Must be a LOT of world-changing life and death situations because, otherwise, they’d obviously say “I’ll call you back in a few minutes.”
Miss Manners, have we learned nothing from you all these years?

The buzzing is caused by an increasingly common gremlin: radio wave interference. In our case it happens when our cellphones get too close to our desk phones, which we’re using to talk to one another.

One day recently, David came to work with tin foil and folded it around his iPhone. Lo and behold, we could talk without David having to scramble to move his iPhone away from the desk phone when the buzzing started.

via Stopping That Dreaded Cellphone Buzz – Gadgetwise Blog –

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