Valley Exec Twitters Through Home Break-In

Posted by andreaitis on March 12, 2009

Actually, I get this.  Twitter is a live lifeline, and a quiet one.  Instead of making noise talking to 911 you can quietly alert people, provide all critical info and then someone in the Twitterverse will surely call the police. Assuming, of course, you have an active Twitterverse.   Think of the cameraperson who keeps shooting in the midst of gunfire or an explosion.  They see themselves through the lens, in an altered reality.  In this case, 140 characters of reality (plus live video).

A strange man broke into Revision3 COO David Prager’s home last night. Did David call the police? No, he updated Twitter and turned on a live video stream at Ustream.

Valley Exec Twitters Through Home Break-In


One Response to “Valley Exec Twitters Through Home Break-In”

  1. jeordanlegon said

    Hmmm… Seems pretty phony.

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