Steve Jobs, Unplugged

Posted by andreaitis on February 22, 2009

Social media cues and clues, from behavioral patterns…and the breaking of them.

Report: Steve Jobs has logged off

“A friend of mine has for years been one of Steve Jobs’ Internet chat buddies. And as such his chat client has – again for years – shown as Steve came online each day and remained there for hours and hours as you’d expect a Silicon Valley mogul to do. And it’s a trend that continued well past Jobs’ announcement that he was taking a six-month leave of absence to get well. But then Steve started logging-on less and less. And several weeks ago he stopped logging-on at all.” (link)

Report: Steve Jobs has logged off – Apple 2.0


2 Responses to “Steve Jobs, Unplugged”

  1. Creepy, but interesting. One possible explanation, even scarier to Apple than the thought that Jobs might be ill, is that Jobs has just grown bored with the whole internet thing. But here’s a question–why doesn’t Apple just put a Jobs imitator in the chat seat? They could tell the world he’s become a Howard Hughes-like recluse, and will now make all his pronouncements from the seclusion of Room 212 at the Holiday Inn in Cupertino? Sure, that would be illegal, but wouldn’t it be worth the risk?

  2. andreaitis said

    I like this. Get the real *Fake* Steve Jobs on the case. We can even do an updated version of the movie Dave. I see a Hulu sitcom in our future…

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