Phelps Phelps Phelps

Posted by andreaitis on February 5, 2009

When will we see the official Michael Phelps’ reality show?  Or is this it?

Quit crying double-standard over Phelps

Bong-happy Phelps

There is no bigger fan of racial double-standards than yours truly. But those of you looking for one inside Michael Phelps’ bong are misguided, stuck in the 1960s and worship at the Church of Al Sharp-tongue.

Don’t send me any more e-mails complaining that if Phelps were black, he’d be dropped by his sponsors, locked in a cell next to O.J. Simpson and banned from all international competition.

Global crisis?

Michael Phelps Will Michael Phelps’ image be tarnished in the corporate world? Kevin Hench explores the possible BUZZKILL.

If Phelps had dark skin and answered to “Jerome Washington,” he’d be headed to Disney World, toting the Super Bowl MVP trophy he stole from James Harrison and Big Ben Roethlisberger.

Yeah, America gives its marketable, talented and wealthy weed-smokers the Santonio Holmes treatment. We forgive and quickly forget.

Oh, I know there’s a pattern of misbehavior with Michael Phelps. The cops busted him driving under the influence four years ago.

Well, the cops pinched Holmes twice in 2006, busting him for disorderly conduct and domestic violence — the charges were eventually dropped after smooth lawyering — and nabbed him ridin’ dirty (three blunts) last October.

Mickey Mouse doesn’t care, and neither do you.

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