Well, He is a Comedian

Posted by andreaitis on December 27, 2008

Jay Mohr Cox.  I think he’s just showing off.  Hrmph.

The star of “Gary Unmarried,” a sitcom about troublemaking man suffering through a dysfunctional divorce, is honoring his blissful real-life marriage by adding his wife’s surname to his own.

Jay Mohr filed a petition last week to legally add his wife’s last name — Cox — to his, according to E! Online.

Mohr? Cox?

Before you start worrying whether the Jerry Maguire star’s new name won’t be safe for TV, he says he’s changing his handle to Jay Cox Mohr, according to E!

Mohr married actress Nikki Cox on Dec. 29, 2006. – ‘Gary Unmarried’ Star Takes Real Life Wife’s Surname – Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment


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