strategically seating

Posted by andreaitis on July 9, 2008

i’ve been around the wifi block a time or two.  panera, cosi, starbucks, greenberry’s….even the local library.  i know where the electric outlets are, what kind of music they’ll play (and at what volume), i know what time to go to get the best table, i know how to stalk covertly until people leave the best table, and i know the snacks that won’t get as many crumbs on my keyboard.

but, a-ha! i just said to myself.  have i just stumbled on a key strategic differentiator?  a short-term decision that could have long-term implications?  for i am sitting here at greenberry’s, wifi-working, on a wooden chair.  no cushion, no pillow.  just wood.  and, y’know, it’s not really all that.
there is no upside for my backside.

is this a purposeful decision?  if i’m uncomfortable am i likely to stay for a shorter time, thus increasing turnover?  or will i leave for serene-er pastures at cosi, my current favorite wifi hotspot spot?  cosi of the comfy corner armchair.  where weary working bones can rest, cushioned from the hardships of the wifi way of life.

actually, so far it’s just made me try to find more creative sitting positions.  and they have yet to kick me out, like panera.  but that story’s for another blog post…


One Response to “strategically seating”

  1. nymeng said

    Awww… I miss Cosi. Mostly I miss you in Cosi. 😦

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