bitter trousers

Posted by andreaitis on July 9, 2008

ben and rich heidorn, a father-son team, have launched Treehouse Media Project to help educate journalists about new media.

news flash:  it’s not ‘new’ media anymore.  and if you’re a real journalist, you sorta shoulda seen this coming.

journalists are, in essence, story tellers.  and the medium shouldn’t matter.  i like reading the newspaper as much as the next geek, the feel of the paper, the ink smudges, the intricate folding patterns when on a cramped commute.   but the story is the story, and it’s all about finding the audience.

funny that so many journalists seem to be approaching this story with such grudging reluctance to change.  where’s the renegade spirit?  where’s the fight for the new frontier?

c’mon.  let freedom ping.


2 Responses to “bitter trousers”

  1. richh19 said


    Thanks for the mention. You have a very interesting background; you are someone who could perhaps teach one of our programs. (I’m based in Silver Spring/Takoma Park.)

    If you’re interested, we should talk.

    You can write me directly at or call at 202-577-9221.

    Rich Heidorn

  2. richh19 said

    P.S. Loved your pun: Let freedom ping indeed!

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